Congratulations to the Steem Blockchain's Forward - Tron and NutBox Integration

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About a year ago, there was an enthusiast who wanted to bring Steem to a new era of social content creation out of the mainstream media. Things didn't go as well as planned, and things went sour for a short while and there was a "purge" of content creators of different ideology pursuing different ways.

But I personally am glad that the separation of different vision parted because it creates a wider exposure and opportunity for totally different direction.


Now that I am seeing the idea that wanted to create at the first place starting to come into fruition.

Congratulations on Steemit and Tron collaboration for the Steemit Blogging Community!

I personally know one of the Community builders I met during SF last year who has pushed very hard to this collaboration must have felt the relief seeing this fruiting, not to mention his personal project on top of the Tron Blockchain linking with Steem delegation is currently running well!

For those who doesn't know anything about it, behold - @nutbox !

I think it still has potential and I believe this is just the very first milestone achievement for them, by mining PNUT Token of the Tron Blockchain via Steem's delegation.


Hence even with limited power, this account will support its project with delegation, and with the remaining delegated SP, this account will also be supporting their newsletter whenever we can.

Am trying still to do manual curation, just less picks lately because not many are really catching my eye; but don't worry, support is still there. Delegators entrust on this account will still get their curated shares

For those who are not aware how to support @nutbox and mine PNUT while at it, with the integration of Tron wallet, this has simplified much on how to do so.

Of course, you will need to access the official Steemit Wallet site to claim your Tron wallet address first.

Without using KeyChain!

Thank you @elizacheng for venturing out to test how it can be claimed


The good improvement of the Steemit Wallet interface is that it has conveniently reminded all Steemit users that creating TRON wallet is available with a click of a button.


But in case you have missed it, there's still a button there for you to generate your wallet with ease.

Don't forget to download the PDF file that contains both your private and public key.

You will need that later for linking to PNUT mining

Should you choose to support this project.

We have our keys, we have our crypto

But how do we have a hold on it later?


I believe this is where the most essential bridge is needed later. You can easily download the Google Chrome Extension from its official website or you can also choose to hold it on your mobile too.


Just like metamask on Chrome extension, the first basic requirement, your own password only you know is required in order for you to access it later.


Instead of creating a new wallet, all you need to do is get your private key downloaded when the Tron wallet is generated, and add it here

Don't forget the private key is the second one in the PDF file you downloaded


Paste in and click CONTINUE


And you should be well off easily check your TRON wallet later with your TRX added in, in due time.

A little bird told me that final touches and ironing is on its way between the bridge of Steem and Tron, so if you are seeing balance in your steemit wallet but not your tron wallet just yet, give them a little bit of time to sort things out.

For those who would like to follow suit to support the @nutbox project, you can also link it at

However, THIS one, you will need Steem Keychain Chrome Extension to assist you

And they are improving further in the near future for those who doesn't have keychain extension installed (I am very sure!)


Once both extensions are active, delegating steem to mine PNUT tokens on the Tronlink is possible!


It shows how much is available for delegation and you can choose whichever amount to delegate.


If you have seen my older posts before, this account's SP is not 100% mine. Some of them are from charitable investor stakeholders who do not want to have any account created but just to support the community by investing their fiat into owning part of the SPs in this account.

Whatever that belongs solely to this account that I have been keeping track, will be used for delegating to the project.


Plus because this account still supports other content creators along with the delated SP from other friends and like-minded Steem accounts, this is the max I can delegate at the moment.

yes. There's delegation fee. The project is new and developers are human. They got to eat too.

Easy peasy, one two three; and you are done!

Looking forward to see how far this can go, and I personally have no idea how TRX is calculated and earned; who knows? Maybe when I read through more from the steemit official announcements there will be more to understand!

Until then

HQ @littlenewthings

#dses , Decentralised Sustainable EcoSystem, initiative member.

A technology can come and go; but when a lifestyle is applied to it, it becomes a new revolution.

ps: 1% of this author rewards will be donated to @pwdfarmability for their startup here on the Steem Blockchain
ps: 1% of this author rewards will be donated to @gtpjfoodbank for their continuous effort of impacting lives by sharing their stories on the Steem Blockchain


amazing information

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Good post! What is NUTBOX?

Nutbox is another similar blogging platform that links both steem and mining pnut on the tron blockchain.

It's pretty much killing 3 birds with 1 stone kind of a project as you will

  1. Earn PNut tokens (TRC20 if not mistaken) while delegating (staking) your SP to nutbox's curator account
  2. Receive curator upvotes from the nutbox project
  3. Linking to Tronlink wallet where you can trade off with Just Swap dapp on the tron wallet of your mined PNut later after you earned and stake your TRX for enough energy to perform trade.

A pretty good deal in my opinion.

thanks for this very clear answer


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