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RE: Blockchain and cybersecurity: 3 points to consider.

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Very nice writeup!

At the end of the day DDoS attacks still come down to firepower. Even if you try to protect yourself via services offered for example by cloudflare and others a wide spread bot network won't have a hard time taking any given network service down. No matter how much redundancy and checks are in place the service will suffer at some point. It's mostly a question of cost on both sides, attacker and target. This seems to be one of the things that'll stay with us not matter how much you scale up redundancy and scattering of services. Just my 2 sats on this.



I see, so the DDoS attacks are not going to leave us ... I suppose the strategy would be to contain, maybe make it so expensive to carry out the attack that it is a dissolution.
Of course, if a "Target" is very attractive, no matter how difficult it is, I suppose there will be people interested in attacking it.

Sadly, yes this is true imho.