Congratulations to @moohsin For Winning My Contest Last Week

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Congratulations to the winner of my contest posted last week. @moohsin won 5 SBD by writing a funny comment on what he would do if the world supposedly ends in an hour.

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His funny comment was:

Well it looks like an amazing contest...
What's tge funniest thing i would do uf the world is going to end in 1 hour?😂
Well i would do alot of things
1.I would go to all tge restaurants nearby and will taste all their special dishes and would run away without paying bill😆
After successfully wasting 15 minutes...i would do this👇🏻
2.I would love to beat all my enemies who kept irritating me all the time and then run away from their😆. Now 30 minutes gone
3.Then i would become a girl and start pranking with my friends😆
4.And finally in the end i would ask god to forgive me for all the injustice i have done and hopefully god will forgive and then i will go to heaven after doing all these funny things.It's a tricky move😂😉
I chose @moohsin's coment because it was kind of elaborate and hilarious at the same time. Yeah, I thought that was pretty heavy stuff!

And he replied that it was something he had to do.

Again, congratulations to @moohsin for winning my silly contest.

Thank you to all those who participated and do please watch out for my next contest!


Thanks my friend @darthnava for choosing me the winner❤❤

You are welcome! 😀

Congrats to Moohsin and better luck to all other participants

Congratulations to him.
Lol . successfully wasting 15 minutes. I was actually thinking whether it is possible for him to do that within 15 minutes

Congratulations to @moohsin, reading it really made me laugh also.

Thanks my friend @ben-edom