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RE: Blockchain and cybersecurity: 3 points to consider.

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Dear @pedrobrito2004

blockchain technology could help address the growing security threat that users can find on networks:

I've been thinking a lot about security threats. And my impression is that thanks to decentralization - things will get only more dangerous.

Right now centralized servers are being an "easy" target. Right? And it's not that easy to hack to those servers. Could you imagine that your own bank would be hacked and your account would be cleared out? Very unlikely.

However - could you imagine your personal PC/laptop being hacked and all your keys and passwords stolen? Your wallets cleared out. And noone to complain.

Thank you for this excellent read. Upvoted already,
Yours, Piotr


Individual security always seems more vulnerable to me, but I think that in a broad picture, decentralization with a constant audit and the need for consensus is much harder to hack.

Since when performing an operation on the chain, the witnesses of the chain will record what was done, what hash is done and that would be visible to any block explorer, it is not impossible, but I think that if it is difficult, that makes me He recalls the old phrase: "One person can be deceived for a long time, many people can be deceived for a short time. But it is quite difficult to deceive many people for a long time."

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