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I believe that most of us encounter inspiring people at some point in our life journey. People who can bring some emotional satisfaction to our every-day-life. People who are cause of some of our most memorable moments. And today I would like to share with you one if those moments.



Several days ago, I received an amazing xmas gift from @josevas217. It was an video. Just 3 minutes long, but one that I will remember for many years to come. A video, which made me feel touched and grateful.

What was it about?

Josevas managed to encourage some of our common friends (from our Project.hope community) to record themself greeting and wishing me safe Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Even today, several days later, I'm still lacking words to express how I feel about this gift. I LOVED IT! :)

It reminds me why I do what I do.

It reminds me that Project.hope community gives me something important: purpose, sense of belonging to a group of people I like to be surrounded with. People I trust, value and often admire.

BIG THANKS to you guys


I would like to thank you all for this amazing surprise. Thumbs up to you @josevas217, @achim03, @juanmolina, @lanzjose, @franyeligonzalez, @trabajosdelsiglo, @carlos84, @sandracarrascal, @tocho2, @lupafilotaxia

I do not feel comfortable sharing the video with the public, so I only took a printscreen of everyone involved in it and combined in one photo:


Muchas gracias. You've made my day guys!

Cheers, Piotr


Just like you I felt in the making of the video, there are so many things I wanted to express of esteem and appreciation for you, I'm sure that those of us who appear in the video and many others who could not leave, and much of the community esteem you as if you were part of our family, and I think you are already part of our family, this is something that many of us wanted to do to express how much we appreciate you.

Blessings and all the health in the world for you and your family.

Happy to see you all together and i want to admire your contribution for ph community. I hope you will get more support love from the people. cheers !

Congratulations @crypto.piotr, you got an amazing extended family!

 last year 

I send you Warm Hugs, dear friend.

That is so great! what a lovely gesture.

Great to be able to accompany the beautiful project, which brings hope to many @crypto.piotr

Hello @crypto.piotr, each of us was very happy participating in this gift and show of deep appreciation.

In fact, I really appreciate the trust you are giving us and the invaluable support to this magnificent Project HOPE.

I send you a warm hug from Venezuela

All of these people are gem of PH community. Keep it up the good work!

This is great... Happy New Year to everyone

Hi friend @crypto.piotr
It was a gift for everyone to be able to participate in that video and somehow thank you for all the good you do.
Getting all of us together in the present is quite difficult, but technology allows for many things that we can take advantage of.
Greetings and a big hug.

Hello dear friend @crypto.piotr it was an honor for me to give you that gift, we are very grateful to you and our project. You are a great person and you deserve many good things. I believe that today in spite of the distance we can be present for our loved ones and you are one of them.


This is one of the reasons why I believe in the power of the internet. Our ability to meet really interesting and thoughtful people and create community in the Internet space cannot be overstated. With the new iteration of the internet these relationships go beyond social communication but transactional engagement and security building as well. Thank you for including me on this journey with you all.

Glad to see you guys together. I can understand how you're feeling as it always feels awesome when people take out time and wish on festival time.

Look's very cool , nice surprise, the video must be full of love and it sure is very funny and entertaining

Hello @crypto.piotr

One of the best things that happened to me in the blockchain in 2020, was to meet and start working for @Project.HOPE, because after relating and interacting with its members, I realized that they are extraordinary people who beyond the virtual have a great human quality, thanks @crypto.piotr for having trusted me, and allow me to make contributions to this wonderful community. Thanks for everything, I wish that this year 2021, will be of great collective achievements. Thank you very much.

So damn cute na... you got people who love you loads @crypto.piotr and hopefully they turn out to be real good friends for you life long!! ...(:

 last year 

Friend, you may know that I felt very happy and proud to make this small show of friendship towards you, to a great person, someone who, without knowing me, has placed great trust and responsibility in me.
Thanks @crypto.piotr for everything and more.

Sincerely on behalf of all my family we send you a big hug.

Unexpected Gifts are like Diamonds for Our Life 💎 💎 💎

How nice that you remember as a treasure the moment when we wanted to have a nice gift for you, and what better way than to give you the best wishes for this year 2021.

Greetings friend.

Good to see these awesome people wishing you a happy Christmas and new year. Warm wishes from my side as well @crypto.piotr
Indeed touchy but you deserve it. Cheers

Greetings my friend @crypto.piotr

There is a motto that says: "One sows to reap" You have sown constancy, support, leadership and there is a small way to give back so much collaboration. May this 2021 be full of success in each of your new goals. Congratulations

Looks really good and I am sure that the happiness you felt is worth more than words can describe congratulations to you.

I am happy for you, every success project requires supporting team members and project hope has one, congratulations once again.

An excellent gift my friend, a sign that in Project Hope more than a community you have a great family, my greetings and a big hug, that this 2021 will be a year of great achievements.

Well done!
The best for 2021

Hi @crypto.piotr, thank you for everything you do for STEEMIT and the community.

Xmas gift for the Crypto-Santa... 😁

Congratulations! I am very happy that you received that gift because You really deserve it, I wish I could have participated but I'm without a cell phone or computer.

I wish you a successful 2021! .

It's always such a great feeling to receive a gift like this, specially from people who had in good contact with ourselves, sharing a lot of experiences. It's something difficult to describe. I wish you a happy new year too, hoping that everything will be better than the last one despite of the presented pandemic situation. Regards from me. #onepercent #venezuela #affable

 last year 

Thanks for dropping by and for you kind comment @alegnita

Have a great weekend,
Stay safe, Piotr

You're welcome. I wish the same for you. Spend a great weekend. Regards. 👍🏼#venezuela #affable

In previous years, I was wishing people I know for Christmas "All the best, bla bla bla.".
That Year I sent to everyone wishes "I wish You to live Your life as You want". Many of them answered and wrote that this is the best wish they have ever obtained :)
Edit: Keep publishing also on Hive.

 last year 

Thanks for dropping by and for you kind comment @maciejficek

Have a great weekend,
Stay safe, Piotr

This is so awesome. Project Hope has amazing people

Greetings friend @crypto.piotr, in fact for many of us you have become our great friend, you have taught us the value of sincere friendship, in my case my little video greeting arrived late for the consolidation of the material they sent you, because of electrical and internet problems, but congratulations and thanks for giving us your support, successes friend.

 last year 

Thanks for dropping by and for you kind comment @rbalzan79

in my case my little video greeting arrived late for the consolidation of the material they sent you, because of electrical and internet problems

I still would like to see it :) Can you send it to me via discord?

Have a great weekend,
Stay safe, Piotr

Greetings friend @crypto.piort, no doubt it was a pleasant surprise. It is an excellent detail for a person who has helped many users on the platform even in the most difficult moments.

See you later brother, have an excellent week !

That is great, I wish that all through the year you will have reason to feel this feeling of excitement and love, have a blessed year.

You sure enjoyed the benefit of being a good leader, all the best this new year.

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