Let's CELEBRATE my 3rd BIRTHDAY on Steemit TOGETHER ....

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INTRODUCTION - my 3rd Steemit birthday


Early morning I've realized that today is a very special day. Just 3 years ago, exactly on 2nd March, I've joined Steemit.

That was the day when I've managed to create an account and started a new "journey" in my life. One that brought me so much joy and emotional satisfaction. One that allowed me to get to know many people who share similar interests and values. People who often I started to consider to be my good friends.

It has been an amazing journey so far and there is hardly ever a day when I do not open my laptop in the morning with excitement and curious what another day will bring.



I've heard that sentence several times in my life and I truly agree with it. Being surrounded by many wise people who are often kind, supportive, and willing to share their knowledge has definitely changed me.

Within those 3 long years, I've spent online thousands of hours, engaging with a great number of @project.hope members. I wrote several thousand comments and managed to build some great friendships and business contacts.

I've matured greatly. Learning from the life experiences of people often way smarter than I allowed me to broaden my horizons.

For all of that, I'm eternally grateful.



I've mentioned in the title "special initiative". One that I would like to share with you all, hoping to get more people on board.

I would like to use today's opportunity to make a small POSITIVE CHANGE for someone who I have recently met on Steemit. Someone, who I've learned to value and respect: @joseph1956

He experienced some life difficulties which many of you already experienced yourself: living in a struggling country, where every day is a challenge. This country is no other than Venezuela.


The other day he mentioned his Son. Elias Samuel.

Elias just turned 14th years old a few days ago. And there is something very special about him and his father. They both share quite unique and challenging conditions.
They both were diagnosed with Asperger.

So ... the other day I spoke to Joseph about Elias and I've learned that "he no longer enjoys toys but technological things. He even makes programs on the computer. We wanted to give him a samsung cell phone but the budget was not enough.".

I've also learned that a second-hand Samsung cell phone would cost approx 150usd, which may not be a lot for many. But it's a fortune for others.



I decided to set up a 99% beneficiary on this publication to @joseph1956 and donate 10 STEEM and 10 HIVE to his wallet. Those funds will be used by Joseph to make this little dream come true.

So please, be generous with an upvote :)

JOIN THIS INITIATIVE and help us spread the word


There are few ways you all could participate in this initiative and help us make this world a better place. Even if just for one kiddo. Even if we won't reach our goal right away - I'm sure we can at least put a huge smile on his face.

Obviously every resteem and upvote counts. You may also consider supporting this idea by transferring as little as 1 STEEM or 1 HIVE to @joseph1956 with the memo "Happy birthday to Elias" or "Feliz Cumpleaños Elias".

Finally, you can simply visit @joseph1956 profile and drop an upvote on his recent publications.



If you feel like doing a good deed or perhaps you would like to give me some small gift because of my 3rd birthday on Steemit? Joining and supporting our initiative is all I'm asking about.

Yours, @crypto.piotr
@project.hope founder
check out our community: https://steemit.com/trending/hive-175254




Grateful personally and on behalf of my son to @crypto.prior for the initiative and to all who join in. It is not something that I asked for but that he in a gesture of philanthropy has done.

Mi amigo, ¿pudo adquirir el teléfono para su hijo? Aunque tarde, me gustaría aportar a la causa. Mi sobrino también es Asperger.

Good initiative, although I must say that you can get much cheaper phones, mine cost me $ 40(and I Buy a phone that came from the factory, new in its original box and with a legitimate invoice and papers, bought in a store recently). and it is not a Samsung but is a smartphone of a good brand (Krip) where i made all my posts and comments, and also many other stuff(Talk on discord, Facebook, Twitter, telegram, steemit, hive etc)...

I had no idea that the colleague suffers from the same syndrome as me, I want wish him to have a happy birthday for your son and i wish that he can achieve your goals soon because I am sure that the community will support you.

Thank you for supporting these humanitarian initiatives! and I hope you have many more years in steemit and that you get very far very soon! .

i had no idea that the colleague suffers from the same syndrome as me, i want wish him to have a happy birthday for your son and i wish that he can achieve your goals soon because i am sure that the community will support you.

Lol, funny meme. By the way I think you are a bot but you are very funny 🤣


Greetings. Are you Asperger? the realities are sometimes different in our country, in Maracaibo the cheapest smartphone is 50 dollars second hand while new do not go below 80. I spoke of samsung as it is the one you want.

Hi @joseph1956:

Yes I was diagnosed more than 40 years ago 🙄.

It would be nice if you got someone here in Caracas to buy it and send it to you by parcels (zoom, mrw, serex, etc) to Maracaibo. Anyway, in Maracaibo you get much better prices too, you just have to search a little, I recommend that you look in mercado libre for any store that is in the city market of Sabana grande, check prices and send to your city, But if you can come to Caracas one day I can accompany you and show you where to buy it.

First of all, I would like to say that I am only one month older than you. Precisely, three years ago, but 1 month before that I joined. It is interesting to compare what we both have achieved, you of course, much more than me. I congratulate you for your experience and the road you have traveled.

On the other hand, I wanted to know if you were able to buy the phone for Elias, I would like to contribute or instead support some other cause to help someone in need.

A big hug and let's keep growing.

Greetings friend @crypto.piotr.

First of all congratulations for your third year in both chains, in fact are great contributions that you have given us and from which we have learned all, that shows that you are a great leader.

One of the most important characteristics of you is the one you show in this opportunity because you are always attentive to all of us and that has a lot of value, thank you for teaching us to be better people, I hope we can make the dream of little Elias Samuel come true, count on my small contribution.

Since it says “on HIVE and Steemit” in the title I took a quick look at to see if your used your Blurt account yet and you didn't.


Do you think that Blurt has no future? Or lacking needed features?

I should mention I'm not a Blurt advocate but considering how easy it is to copy paste a Markdown postings I just started to use it in addition to Hive and Steemit.

I need to use blurt more. I have a few posts up there. So much content to read.

Can I copy and paste content from other sites into Blurt?

Sorry for the late answer: You can copy / paste your own Steem and Hive articles to Blurt.

Copying someone else's work from some random site is still plagiarism.

This is in deed a great post @crypto.piotr especially when you said"I decided to set up a 99% beneficiary on this publication to @joseph1956 and donate 10 STEEM and 10 HIVE to his wallet. Those funds will be used by Joseph to make this little dream come true."

Happy anniversary again

Hi @crypto.piotr

Congratulations on your anniversary.

An excellent initiative that I fully support.
A very beautiful gesture, amazing!

Best regards @joseph1956 and Elias Samuel

Congratulation on your anniversary and happy birthday to @joseph1956 ...
I think we should be happy that we got a very supportive person as a leader, the great @crypto.piotr

Cheers guys !

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