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I kinda doubt it, lol the reason why everyone fomo'd in was because BTC was new too them and they thought BTC and alts were going up to the mewn! We'll those investors were burned and people (the world) wised up! Some of them are still waiting to break even and sell! As soon as it gets back, if it did it would probably fall again!! The general population does not like crypto anymore and the original alt season gives btc a negative connotation! It is a bunch of bull and if it happens i'm dumping again! lol I'm just being honest, I think things are different now, but sure I hope it happens again, the chart looks good!


I kinda disagree. In my opinion, we will see an ever more aggressive Alt Season.
Your point makes sense, but you have to consider that people who got burned are just a super small minority of the world. The boom is about to happen and if some got burned during the bear market, now there will be a lot of new blood coming into the crypto world. And this will drive the prices crazy, as usual, with speculation and irrational price movements, but it´is the process a new technology has to go through.

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