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Hi everyone

Past several weeks has been insane. Coronavirus spreading rapidly, Justin Sun purchasing Steemit and getting into open conflict with steem witnesses, economic slow down present already almost everywhere etc.

Today I would like to wrap up some things and I hope to get few minutes of your attention. If you're busy - then at least scroll down and read "IMPORTANT" section of this post.



During previous weeks, I've managed to put aside many of my personal duties and I focused on pushing project.hope forward. TOGETHER - we've managed to grow into very strong community and several new authors joined our efforts.

I'm proud of our achievements so far.

We've reached almost 300k SP in delegation, I'm managing few tipu upvotes (130k SP each one) and also strength of @ph-fund curation trail exceeded already 500k SP. And I'm planning to double it before end of 2020.



If you didn't join our curation trail, then do it right away:

Every day it's being triggered 4-5 times only to promote posts published by authors from project.hope community and 1h later strong 300k SP upvote from project.hope follows.

This way everyone following this curation trail will upvote before that 300k SP - and this way your curation rewards should increase.



For past few months I've been spending over 900 steem of my own resources to cover project.hope costs (supporting financially core team). Last month - for the first time - all rewards coming to @ph-fund reached 900steem and in march this number will surely exceed 1k. Which is great - since it means that I no longer need to spent my own funds (I've already used around 10k within last year to push project forward).



Below I'm going to list all authors from our community, which have been active within past weeks. Try to follow each other.



I would like to underline, that I value being active within community more than I value quality of published content. So I always will prioritize with solid upvotes contenct created by those of you, who are active and engaging with others.

So try to create habbit of visiting our hive every day or visit @project.hope and focus on resteemed publications. Let's grow together, as a community of well educated and team-orientated users.



Since current situation with coronavirus affected both of my sources of income (dropped by 70-80%) - I will have to focus on finding other means to support my life financially. For that reason my presence on Steemit will be reduced within next weeks.

I will continue manual curation and I will invest 1h daily to check out 3-4 publications posted within our hive, but I won't be able to read and comment as much as I did so far (3-4h daily, 7days I week).

So if anyone would like to ensure that I will visit his/hers post - then please share link with me via DM.

Yours, Piotr



  • do not resteem
  • please write anything in comment section like "confirm / okey / got it / read it" etc. - just enough so I would be aware who read this post and who didn't.

List of OUR project.hope community content creators (worth following):



Sorry to hear that the coronavirus incidence has affected your finance. I hope you find solution to this. You have been doing a great job with project hope and i commend this.

Please take your time and all the best.

The other possibility to grow this community is to start delegating tasks within the team. Spend 1h per week in a call to keep everyone in the same page, and rotate efforts of curating between a team. I know that there additional risks on doing so, such as, for example, possible neglecting or miss'happens, or simply because sometimes people need to attend to their lives and can't just commit the time. But, if people give it a bit of a go, step by step, even more great teams can be created. I speak by experience of course.

If anyone would like to put a call every week 1 hour is more than enough, to discuss an agenda and get some work done in a distributed but super focused way, let me know. I am happy to jump in and commit 1 hour of my week for that cause.


  • The first idea of a weekly call is to narrow important strategic aspects of a "team" that will help doing the work @coach.piotr has been doing, but with less effort due being distributed across multiple persons.
  • The second reason for it, is due quality reasons. If having "a team" representing @coach.piotr, then quality standards have to be agreed and maintained.
  • Call can only happen if everyone pre-agrees with an agenda. Estimates are required by everyone, and if not enough time, then shift to next week.
  • This is on a per pro-rata effort, so if there are no resources at a given time we need to define what happens.
  • We shall document meetings to make things easier to review (google docs first, then a post for public transparency).

Let me know what all of you think about this. No reasons for shame in saying "no", I am just providing my view of how we could keep the momentum while adapting to the economic consequences that this virus will bring to everyone.

 2 years ago 

This system that you propose is very interesting.

Chronavirus is making things difficult worldwide and I can understand your situation. Will get in touch with you through DM if required. Take care my friend.

Definitely Sorry to hear this, the virus has become stronger and more rampant as of late and in many places it's halted activities just like in my country too. It's definitely fine, we're still here and helping to push the community to the extreme. I'll do my best and we hope the virus will be tackled very soon too. Cheers!

Yes let's keep our community strong. I think we're going to see some new faces before the month is out.

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I can only hope that end comes to this virus soon, and your encouraging and usual comment will definitely be greatly missed.

Hope you income sources will come to "normal" in a short period of time. Take care, I understand it.

Espero que consigan apaciguar este virus. Está volviendo loca a la gente que no lo sufre y matando demasiadas personas a las que contagia. Es inevitable que la economía también se vea afectada. @coach.piotr.

I'm sorry to have to read this, but some things are out of our hands. Hoping that this whole situation will be resolved soon, which is undoubtedly affecting many.
It is logical to look for other economic alternatives, because everyday life and daily expenses do not wait.
Perhaps the option of delegating some of that responsibility will allow you to be more relaxed.

Hi @coach.piotr
I hope (financial or work) can be normal again and so can provide support us here (in the PH community).

Well, I'm sorry that you should reduce your activities, it is definitely worrying when an external element (and more a virus) affects us. But I think all these difficulties help us to be better, so to overcome them! . I hope soon everything gets better.

 2 years ago 

Good luck for the job hunt my friend. Keep me updated...

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 2 years ago 

Hi @coach.piotr

ok friend. I want you to know that you can count on me as part of the team-

They got the coronavirus in your country too? Poland?

It's pretty widespread, that coronavirus, and it seems to be affecting all levels. I'm sorry to hear that, my friend. Take care of yourself; we were instructed here to drink plenty of lemon juice and ginger tea. I guess there must be some vitamin C, over there, in pills, those effervescent ones.

Be extremely care-full, please.

 2 years ago 

Hi, there is hardly any country in Europe left where the virus hasn't reached. The development is very strong. We have an increase of 30% of the cases every day. So it is an exponential spread of the infection and there is nothing to halt it.

Here in parts of the country, they started to close down all public places and people have to stay indoor. The weekest spot is the health systems. There are only so many emergency beds and the hospitals can't follow...

Hope it doesn't reach Venezuela...

 2 years ago 

Hope it doesn't reach Venezuela...

Inevitably it will reach us.

I assume we already have the coronavirus here but it's certainly not allowed to be said out loud.

The sad truth

 2 years ago 

It is impossible to cover the sun with a finger

They can't now

I just read in the newspaper that Italy was going to cease all economic activity (except in industries) in the whole country for one month. As an alternative to what is happening. 😑

So I don't think it's just your business that is in trouble, I guess you were ahead of the curve.

Have you seen the value of BTC¿?!!!

And here, as usual...

Schools are already closed in many countries. Belgium this morning till after Eastern. Public transport is better to avoid. Some go to hospital but you are not allowed to visit the doctor. You need to call. By phone they decide what to do. In most cases home quarantaine. ?There's a lockdown if it comes to Italy.
People from China, Iran, Italy are not allowed to visit Hungary neither are other foreigners now.
In the Netherlands schools are still open but it's adviced to stay and work as much as possible at home. The less contact with other people. This virus will not be beaten easily especially not in overcrowded countries where people do not take the warnings seriously. larger as 100 people they said yesterday, it's still a lot if you consider it started with 1 single person socializing.

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Hello! My dear @wakeupkitty

I hope you're fine, you and your family

Thank you for the information.

Cases of coronavirus began to appear here in Venezuela now and as a consequence, panic has reached everywhere. Even with all the information that has been available for a long time to prevent the disease, it is now that people are putting it into practice. And worst of all is the abuse of merchants to raise the prices of the supposed products that help maintain the immune system and prevent diseases, such as lemon, garlic, and other well-known medicinal herbs.

Let's not talk about pharmacists regarding prices of masks, vitamins, and antihistamines. For God's sake!

Stay safe and don't be a stranger ^^

I bought nothing extra. No vitamins or medication, no disinfection soap etc. I use vinegar and we stay away from people as much as possible. A friend just told me people fight in shops about toilet paper and the shops are empty. With us there's enough but I do not have the money to buy much or the expensive articles.

Schools are closed, pubs, restaurants too and it's advice to stay inside. None if us, my children or the friends I know bought more. They will raise the prices for sure. You do not need the garlic or lemon. Live a regular life, see you sleep enough (8-10 hours) and 2 small meals are enough to live on for a very long time. Let's hope the overpopulation will be wise and stay inside instead of keep spreading this. I still hear many say it's nothing to worry about. Officially we are over the 1k now but they say it's closer to 6k because most do not visit a doctor.

I hope the internet remains. More use it. Children need to do their homework this way and we are at the end of the row.

I try not to be a stranger but the only thing I can do is post if I am lucky. I need more sleep first and am happy I no longer need to wake up at 4 am.

Stay safe. 💕

It's time to meditate and appreciate the little things :-)

That is what I do daily since there's not much else left. I am the biggest part of my life sick and except allergies fir a few hours a day I feel fine. only improved. I have a bed, food, water and internet and will read less news from now on. I do not trus this virus hipe at all. 🤐

I wish you a great day. 💕

 2 years ago 

It's totally crazy what happens with all markets. Shares, Crypto everything is crashing and I don't think this will change. The measures that have been implemented in Italy will likely be implemented in most european countries and it is only a question of time when it will be the case out of europe.

Yes, you're right!

Maybe shares and crypto stay crashing but medicines and supplies are off the chart here...

I don't know over there but here the merchants and pharmacists are abusing the prices :/

I guess it's an only natural thing to happen in a crisis if the demand increases the price as well...?

Stay safe my friend :)

Sorry to hear this and hope normality returns for all of us soon. I think everyone will have their lived impacted in some way over the next few weeks and months.

Hi Piotr, I can only imagine what you've been going through given the growing devastation of the Corona virus. I hope it comes under control ASAP and stay safe. Thanks for sharing this update and the author roll. Do keep up the hard work. Cheers!

 2 years ago 

Fortunately, the Team and the entire Project in general works with a certain degree of autonomy. This would allow you to have more time for your personal life.
The sad thing is that your presence here is necessary. We need you.

Count on us. An instruction from you is enough to activate the entire team if necessary.

Please brother: stay safe. Take extreme care measures.

I'm not on the list, unfortunately.

Are those 900-1000$ you mentioned revenues or earnings?

Good luck in your job or business.

It's so sad to hear that your finances are affected by the outbreak of coronavirus. Well, where there is life, there is hope of a better tomorrow.

got it

Many thanks for the honourable mention

If you need some support let me know @crypto.piotr

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Dear @coach.piotr @crypto.piotr
I fully understand and relate to the hardships felt by you due to the current slowdown and the problems are only compounded by the outbreak of the corona virus
I am in the same boat as you are so can understand the pain.
@project.hope reaching financial sustainability is a very important and good news.
This is not a small achievement and I am sure it would ease your financial responsibilities a little bit.
I would keep researching and posting to the community and try to find opportunities and share them here so that our community can benefit and bolster their personal incomes .

So sorry Piotr that the Conora Virus effect is hitting you this bad. Surely, there shall be an end. I hope the days ahead shall be better.

What are the vision of this project and your main motivation to push it forward?

Very unfortunate friend piotr that the covid 19 is affecting you personally in what means your continuity in steem, I identify with you in the sense that I also feel reduced to demand 100% of my capabilities, since the rationing to the electrical service and the continuous failures are more followed here in my locality, that does of being able to invest very little time in steem, mainly considering that my effort is to generate content, anyway it is necessary to continue fighting, greetings and successful friend, I hope that all this is solved soon.

The virus is greatly affecting so many things, I only hope that things get better soonest.

I clicked on that trail link but have no idea what to do next. It does not change anything or follow any trail I only see a list with names and a search option. ?it would be easier if you explain what to do.

Good to read you value being active more as good content although this should not mean one line or link and plagiarism is fine.
It needs time to.grow and contact to.others and figure out what works best for one. It's not always what we like to write about.

I wish you all the best and hope the virus will be over sooner as expected.
Stay safe and congratulations with all achievements!

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Conoravirus is affecting lots of things oo, we will definitely miss your presence here but I wish you the best.

@ coach.piotr i know how it feel with Coronavirus spreading rapidly, Justin Sun purchasing Steemit, the most important thimg is you should take care of yourself and your family. Justin sin will fine ia way around steemit, but @piotr health is the most important thing right now sir just stay cool last last we go dey alright( MY COUNYRY SLANG)

Got it. Thanks!

Just signed up on steemauto for ph-fund curation trail. Also, solid achievements. I wish you more succes for your initiative. @coach.piotr

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I am glad to be part of this project. There is days that i don't have time to read everything is posted on our community, but i try as best as i can.

Either way, i have to say that this was the most welcoming community/project i have found on my 3 years of Steem.

Thank you all, project leaders, and writers!

Hello Piotr,

got it! It's the same over here too and I guess we're in for some even more disturbing times!

We're (Wife, dogs, me) out every day but we practiced social distancing as good as possible IRL.

I'm shocked how many are still downplaying what is going on all over the world and how irresponsible people are acting!

We've been wearing protection (N95 respirators, class FFP2-3, P2-P3, gloves) for almost a week now and learning that COVID19 is contagious in some for up to 27 days (!!!) without some of the even knowing shows that we might have been too late with this measure anyways.

When outside, besides two other people we had seen also wearing protection everybody else seems to be in denial and so they behave very much like there's nothing serious going on.


Here in Germany people are much to slow to accept the facts and again besides some countries (China, Singapore, Hong Kong) that were quick and strict with their measures, this seems to apply to most countries.

Most importantly please stay safe Piotr same to your friends and family and everybody else for that matter!


read it; fully!
you've done a great job Piotr
let's defeat the virus... and then we will back to our ambitions

Sorry to hear about a reduction in income for you. I wish you all the best. I hope you come back strong

First i will like to commiserate over the financial crisis caused by this Pandemic, It has made things difficult for a lot of people and businesses.

Also, it is good news that the trail is getting more support this is a result of your hard work towards the community and it will be bad seeing that you might not be available as usual in the community due to the COVID-19 incidence.

I wish you all the best.

I will have to focus on finding other means to support my life financially.

I wish you good path. All the best.

The truth is that this virus is greatly affecting so many things and it is really scary that it is spreading really fast, I wish that a solution is found to combat the virus soonest, stay awesome dear @coach piotr

We are going to miss you.

Got it.

 2 years ago 

Thanks for the info.

A reduction of up to 80% of income is a terrible thing, I hope you can find an alternative account that allows balancing accounts in a short time.

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