What is like playing chess everyday !

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Chess is one of the greatest games was ever invented. It's a game for all times and centuries.

I've been playing chess online almost everyday during many years. It make me relax and think at the same time. It make me learn about strategies to win and ways to avoid losing. And the great thing about it is that you never expect what will happen after each move you do.


In chess the most important is the king. The king is you to protect it. There are also pawns that doesn't look that important for some kings, but in fact they can change the game. Each of their moves is important. They can know even more than the king because they are the first in the battlefield. Look at them how they look, but each one has a head to think. Never underestimate them.


An other thing I learned from the chess is to never underestimate the opponent you play with. Sometimes they can make a move that looks naive, but that could be a trap to make you lose. Sometimes I have even to lose a few time to understand my mistake and to win after. Chess is not just a game, but a training of will and opening your mind. Sometimes you may compare things happened to your life with a single party you played.


Sometimes you may spent a long time looking at the table after a move. You have to think about a few ahead moves to protect your figures. Even though something unexpected could happen. Chess is an unlimited game of variants that may bring you to unexpected possibilities of results. The same about what we do in real life or any field we exist in.


Imagine what happen in chess, happening in real life. After all chess is just a game and the life is more complicated. Learning about rules and applying them all doesn't mean to live a perfect life !


Our time is really limited, just like a party of a chess !

Let's use this chance for the best !


I played chess since I was a child and it has been a passion, I must confess that I have left it aside because of my lifestyle, but chess in its time helped me to always have strategies for daily life.
thanks for your contribution

 2 years ago 

Life is a great chessboard, in many moments of our lives, we have to know how to be the King, or the Queen, or the Pawn or the Bishop or the Rook or the Knight, every moment of our lives we have had to play one of these pieces in the game of your life.

I have always found chess very interesting, because as you say it is a strategy game that in one way or another, helps us to develop other skills. Greetings and thanks for sharing

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