Stop looking at the dollar price, please !

in Project HOPE2 years ago


It's interesting to see crypto people care that much about the dollar price of a coin or a token. Aren't we all here because of decentralization ? So, how is that related to dollar, tell me please ?!


I mean, we worry that much about the price of any cryptocurrency when we see the price drop a lot in terms of dollars it costs. Why don't we look at how much it costs with bitcoin or ethereum ?! Aren't those the main cryptcurrencies which are leading the market ? Isn't bitcoin used in each and every crypto exchanger ? Or maybe the dollar is the main one? ''I don't really know.'' lol


I know that the dollar is an international currency, but it's still a fiat. I think those exchanges and websites who want to affect the market somehow will always talk about the dollar price of each cryptocurrency instead of talking about the price in bitcoin or satoshies. Don't you think that's always the right thing to do for us ?


When people want to check the prices of a cryptocurrency, they always visit But they don't even have the option to choose only bitcoin price to see. They mostly show dollar price and that change in percentage is maybe the change in dollar price.


That's why I prefer always to visit where I can choose only the BTC price to see !

I think crypto people should think only about the value of the token created, but not the price in dollar. But it's good to compare it with other crypto for healthy competition !

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