How awesome Equanimity is !

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Recently I watched a guy putting any things on the top of others. He's a kind of balance champion in the world.

You can watch one of his video here :

He may balance almost anything even with different weights and shapes. He even said that creating that balance takes a lot of time from him. Sometimes even a few hours needed to balance some objects. Of course he needed a lot of training and tring again and again to reach that success. That's what I may call Equanimity. I would define that as setting a goal and reaching it no matter what it takes.

The same about Equanimity in life. When you want something, you have to do the impossible to get it. Recently I heard a businessman talking about those who complain about their low salaries. He said that if I ask some questions, you may always say yes ! Those questions were : Can those workers change their work ? Can they study and learn something else and get a better work ? Can they start blogging ? Can they run their own business ? .... etc.

So, in fact instead of complaining people may change the environment they live in. Change their behavior and thinking after all. That what will make them reach what they want. Keeping everything as it is will not change the situation. We can always blame someone but not ourselves. Equanimity in this case is taking the full responsibility of our actions. If we committed a mistake a mistake we should admit guilt. All the results that led us to where we at, are due to our own choice. So, blaming others, or the government, or where we were born, is not a solution. We should change circumstances and only that will lead to improvement.


The same about investment. Equanimity is accepting the loses. Learning from that. Not repeating mistakes. Only in this case we will win more often. In this case not to lose money. So, we should learn enough about what we are investing in. And in case we already support something we like, we should accept what's lacking in case we can't affect that for better ! Or we should do everything to make it close to our view of perfection.

By the way I took that picture myself. We have home some traditional dishes. So, when I watched the balance champion the first time, I decided to do that myself. It's not that easy and it depend on what we try to balance, but It went well with those dishes we have home and a chess piece on the top. Even the picture looks really nice with that Russian old calculator I have home and some yellow toys of my son. ☺

So, if you want something, you should work for it. I would say : ''Deserve it to take it !"


Hmm... This is really inspiring and I must tell you that I've really learnt a lot from this context.

When you want something, you have to do the impossible to get it.

This is really a common habit for every successful people we know today. They have that great desire and passion to get whatever they want by doing the impossible to make their dreams come true.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕❤️

Hello friend good article, I was attracted just by observing the word equanimous, automatically my brain process it as it refers to something or someone where there is balance, in the place where I live, when we talk about an equanimous person we refer to that person who is able to see things objectively without being influenced by any situation or person, from my point of view this type of people are essential in making decisions, since there is a high percentage that take the right decision.

How to know that someone is equanimous, therein lies the tricky part because in this case we can be subjective, because we could simply get carried away by the charisma or sympathy of the person, I think the best way is to observe their actions.

See you later my friend, great article !

Excellent start, I definitely have to watch those videos, but needless to say that talking about equanimity at a time when so many people (and I include myself) are juggling to maintain balance in our lives, this post is interesting.
thanks for sharing

Being equanimous is related in one way or another to empathy and some form of understanding of certain aspects that are negative in our lives, but instead of complaining, what we should do is learn from them.

First time I will be hearing about Equanimity though.

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