Be aware of bittrex - It's better to move your funds !

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I never had troubles with bittrex for years trading crypto there. You can say that's my favorite exchange, and I'm so used to it.

But everything may come to its end, and I'm done with bittrex now, even if all my money is safu with it. Bittrex is the first exchange I ever used to trade crypto. I liked the simple interface there, the availability of all my favorite cryptocurrencies. Of course because I consider it safe to use even after moving all my funds from there.

The thing is that bittrex now have an upcoming maintenance. It's related to ID verification services and 2FA reset. But I don't think that's the reason why they have such maintenance now. You all know what's happening in Canada and how most of the countries are thinking to take taxes from all our crypto earning. And bittrex a couple of years ago asked all the users for ID verifications. I'm verified there because I was holding enough there. Otherwise, I don't see any reason to ask for our personal details. Crypto should be anonymous, and our privacy should be untouchable. I'm glad there are so many decentralized exchanges and even anonymous crypto where no one will be able to link us to a wallet to understand how much exactly we ever earned in crypto.

From now and go on, I'll never leave my crypto in a platform where they have KYC. I will mostly use wallets where the seed phrase will be written down. That's even better for security. After all, I'll use my hard wallet and no one will be able to ask from me.

Crypto world may represent some danger to all fiat system. And we should be always careful with what we do on it.

Goodbey bittrex and all famous exchanges. I prefer less knows exchanges, but more secure !


Some of my friends also not happy with their experience with this exchange so I think it's the time when we need to leave it and move on to some other platform that is not asking for KYC.

That's for sure. Such platforms aren't secure at all. No matter how good they are !

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