CC127 - Discover 4 Crypto Insurance Solutions

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You might have heard in 2020 many hacks happened in the DeFi space where overnight many people lose money. It is never cool to be on this boat, and you cannot call anyone to have your money back in a decentralized infrastructure.

Decentralized finance is a cool concept that allows anyone to access financial services with no bank. Imagine if you are unbanked and you cannot borrow money, with DeFi you can and this is a revolution.

In the meantime, what you can do if you want to protect your money in DeFi era?

Cryto insurance is the answer

Crypto insurance allows you to buy a policy to protect, for example, an enormous investment in a pool. Buy protection when you create a smart contract that might have a big flaw for a hacker to exploit.

You never know what will happen!

That why I believe crypto-insurance will bring more legitimacy.

Projects covered in the video

In this video, I talk about 4 crypto-insurance projects where you can protect your assets like in the actual world for your car or home. We need that, especially in a time where so many hacks and exit scams exist.

Nexus Mutual:


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