Personal traits to look out for when choosing a business partner

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In a concert room filled with a thousand people, a question was asked about how many people desired to achieve success and as expected everyone raised their hands up but when a question was asked about how many people was ready to give up a long term relationship with their best friend in order to achieve success, a lot of hands went down. We value solid relationships but sometimes those relationships are too toxic for us to get any benefit from, our life is a reflection of the type of humans we surround ourselves with and a basic knowledge needs to be obtained to keep our focus. The people we do business with has a lot to say about the success of our business, when choosing business partners there are traits we have to completely abstain from.


Types of business partners to avoid.

Manipulative people.

Manipulative individuals are only concerned about what they will be able to get from the relationship, they are people who have a way of making you feel very less and worthless, by the time they get what they want from you they immediately go away, manipulators have a way of getting things to turn in their favour all the time irrespective of the cost.

Manipulative people do not understand the concept of boundaries. They are relentless in their pursuit of what they want and they have no regard for who gets hurt along the way. Anne Brown
Doing business with manipulative people will hinder you of achieving success and the end of the day.

Dishonest Individuals.

For a business to thrive, honesty is required in every angle and sphere, relationships void of honesty will result into betrayal and a business that lacks honesty will eventually get ruined. In order for your business to flourish, stay away from those who have issues with being honest.

Hostile Individuals.

Hostile individuals always think people are out to destroy them and so they try to get defensive at every given opportunity. People with such attitude are not good at all for business because they are going to regularly cause controversy amongst workers as well as team members.

Negative people.

Those who are filled with negativism never see any good in any project, they are constantly filled with reasons to quit and never support new ideas. Building a business with people like that will only result into business failure because the business will remain stagnant.


Hello friend, I agree with you, all these characteristics are of people as toxic to our lives and we should stay away from them. If we want to prosper as people and also in our business we must relate to people who have the same vision as us and also see things with a better attitude.

Yes friend, success in life and business means that our lives must be filled with positivism.

Let's be clear here, business partnerships are BUSINESS - not private life. Loyalty and fairness are customary, but if the partnership is not balanced and/or the business partner doesn't hold us as equal, it's better to let him go. For which it's quite hard to be friends with people who are in a business relationship with us - it's an entirely different matter when money is involved.

Thanks for your contribution friend, highly appreciated.