Trying to save planet

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One thing about my job, is I create a lot of trash. Mostly because things have been destroyed by water, fire, or wind. So to repair them we need to first take them down. We just had a fire where there were a lot of metal contents in it, so we loaded them up and took them to a salvage yard. I think I got 40 bucks, so not really worth the trouble, but it saved a whole dumpster from going to the dump. So it saved me a little money there, but it saved a bunch of space in the land fill, and then in the long run, we are not having to mine more iron. So it is like a compounding effect, but we try and do our best, sometimes though there is nothing you can do so we just make the most of the options we get.


At least you make a wonderful gesture for the planet despite having only $40 for the package.

ya, but in the end if everyone did a little it would turn out to be a lot

You multiply the outcome. ;)

It is doing very well. It makes everyone feel safe. Dirt spoil our earth

It's really great coming up with different strategies to save lives and what constitutes a planet. I haven't really seen this type of machine before though but it really looks quite impressive.

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