Posting and curating on Leofinance is more lucrative than ever

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In hindsight, I'd have been way richer if I listened to @trumpman and just bought up Leo when they were worth almost nothing. At the last time of checking, Leo is trading at virtually the same amount with Hive and with the coming WLeo listing on Uniswap and external exchanges, we're on the brink of something bigger than Trumpman's balls.


With the new price, I decided to take a few clicks back and compare my earnings from curation and posting on Leo to that of Hive. So, let's take a look at the result(Only Issued Leo as at yesterday and before was considered for this post;


So what this little graphics above shows is a comparison between my post rewards from my last 7 posts on Hive(only HBD) and the last 7 issues of Leo I received. Hive engine coins only get issued once a day, so Leo coins span one week while the HBD spans a few days. Since each post on Leo is always on hive, some of the HBD earnings come with Leo, while all the Leo earnings come with HBD.

Based on the recent price of Leo and in case you've not been keeping up, it is about 10 cents, at the time of writing this post, it means that my last seven posts on Leo earned me roughly $13 in rewards(without taking HBD earnings into consideration), compared to Hive where I earned $9.8 in HBD alone. Hive earnings are still some way ahead of Leo for now at least but the gap is getting bridged.

I reckon there'll be more people using the platform in the coming weeks and that totally works in our favour since ad revenue is a big part of how the tribe/front-end is run. Time will tell anyway, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.



Nice tip, thanks for sharing.

You're welcome

Solid read.
Thanks for sharing.

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