Defeating Money

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While texting my wife yesterday, she asked me a straightforward question that shook me a bit. She said, "do you worry about our finances sometimes?"

On the surface, the answer to the question is obvious but in reality, her meaning was profound and while my answer was still yes, it had me pensive a while after.


The truth is, we're all worried about our finances and as far as I can tell, this rat race to the grave is about getting to a point where you no longer have to worry about it.

I've always dreamed of getting my financial position to a spot where fundamentals and values will supersede my stomach.

I've been chasing money ever since I can remember and it is not out of gree or anything. It is for the fundamental reason that most people go after it; to eat.

After a while, you start realising that food isn't all that it's cut out to be and then money morphs into this tool that helps you achieve the things that give life meaning to you.

So the chase continues but I honestly don't want it to be in perpetuity.

Part of the reason why I idolise Elon is that it genuinely seems like he's not solely about money. He just seems like some guy who achieved financial freedom and decided to do some wild shit with his money.

That's the kind of guy I've always dreamed of becoming. I want to be happy and comfortable enough to know that I don't have to chase money anymore. For Elon, it was long before he even became the richest entrepreneur in the world and that's how I'm trying to be.

Focus on value

Naturally, you can't make money without adding some sort of value in the first place. Money is not the most important thing but I can't run if I'm angry.

I have dreams and ambition to do a lot of things in life. These dreams come to me even when I'm awake, constantly thugging at my side and pushing me to be more than I am.

These dreams don't revolve around money but require overcoming the hurdle. I want to be able to lead and innovate from my heart and head. However, in the society we find ourselves in, there's no way to achieve this reality without defeating money.

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Making money is really important but we shouldn't allow money get the better part of our lives, as we remember to stay humble and get dedicated to grow ourselves constantly

Funny enough the people who aren't so much about the money get much money eventually because they are focused on adding value but then those whose lives are practically about the money usually make little out of it.

Thats the irony about life

Money should not be our goal, if we are focused on what we want, we keep positive thoughts and attitudes, money will come and allow us to have a more comfortable life. Particularly in my country today there is a constant race to earn money to satisfy something as necessary as food, however, circumstances have shown us that taking advantage of the skills we have and taking the good out of everything, step by step we will get to where we want to be. Greetings!

Your country is like mine where money is about getting the basics. Hopefully, we can rise above it and become more than we are now

In as much as money is the root of all evil, most time lack of money can cause thought of evil. Money can still be defeated in a righteous way

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