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The modern day life is stressful. On a daily basis we are faced with money problems, health problems, security problems. You name it, there are things going on that are bound to stress us out.

So what's going on with stress? Well, it is a biological process linked to our primitive self where the body processes are tuned to survival mode. Adrenaline rushes, our pulse increases and we are ready for "fight or flight". For a primitive caveman, this bodily reaction could save our life.

However, in the modern day world, the same reaction happens to every day events which aren't really a case of survival - but we do feel threatened in some way, so our survival processes kick in.

Stress is also accumulative. Imagine you have an argument with your wife or husband first thing in the morning. Your stress levels are high. You then get late dropping the kids to school, your stress levels build even further. By the time you get to work you are really wound up but you find your boss waiting to have a go at you for being late again. You reach the tipping point.

There are many ways to destress - exercise, listening to music, taking a short break, meditation etc. What I want to share with you today is one of the most important. Talk to someone.

Offload to reload

One of the best ways of releasing the burden is to offload the emotional baggage we are carrying around with us. Talk to someone, say how we feel.

The important thing is to find someone who will empathetically listen. Talking problems through is a great way to release the stress that has been piling up on us. Quite often, the person we talk to will say calming or insightful things that will allow us to view the problems with a different lens.

When we want to reset ourselves. When we want to reload and have another go with things, offloading to reduce stress first is a good way of giving yourself a better chance next time around.

So, talk to someone. And for those who don't need to talk right now - you can always be a good listener for someone else.



The work stress we have today is very high. We can afford today's life up to 50 years, after which it would be better to retire

I often think about my job and life, how long can I keep going doing this? Will there become a time when it is too much and I need to take a break? The trend seems to push back the retirement age here and make people work longer but I think early retirement would be better.

The issue about stress is that it can't be avoided. Most times I always wonder whether one can live without stress in this stage we are in or not

I don't think we can live without stress - but we can do a lot to try to minimise it and make it fade away quicker.

Hello @awah!
Nowadays it is difficult not to get stressed for many reasons, however, we must stop for a moment and see what is really important and look for solutions and ways to feel better, live one day at a time and value what we have. Particularly when I get stressed I seek to listen to music, walk, meditate and without a doubt that talking is a good way to reduce tensions and stress, either with your partner, or a true friend who can make a change in your day. Greetings!

Thanks for your comment. Talking is a great way of feeling better about the things that are stressing us.

Stay safe.

Talking about stress always leads us to a diatribe of the symptomatology and origin, since each person generates it, manifests it and somatizes it.
It is a topic of great spectrum, but your point of view is interesting.
thanks for the contribution

Interesting point. You need to offload on the right person I suppose. If someone is just going to amplify the negativity then it isn't going to help.

True that we live stressful life because of the way we work and the kind of atmosphere we have around us.
We have to agree that life without stress is amazing and we all want to achieve it however it's not easy because our work itself bring a lot of stress to us and sometimes it's difficult to ignore and get over with it.

I always try not to mix up my office stress in my personal life so once the office timings are over then I am away from it and this helps me to have a peaceful life.

To overcome stress we have to intentional stop thinking of things we cannot change and find time to rest no matter how much our workload maybe.

We always overthink things. Stopping and taking some rest is vital. Thanks for your comment.

Hello @awah, nowadays with the situation in the country it is almost impossible not to have a stressful life, as you said yourself because of health problems, money, security among others there are always days when one says I woke up today with my left foot and what better strategy than to vent with a third person to talk about what worries us and also occupies us and in this way to get rid of stress. Greetings and very good your post

Hi @sidalim88 - thanks for dropping by and providing a comment. I wish you a stress free day!

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