Do You Play Alienworlds?

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Alien worlds is a Blockchain Game on the WAX Blockchain that made quite the name for itself with its unique NFT Mining feature earlier this year. But as all things go a lot of people started Mining for NFT's and Trillium which is the native token of Alien Worlds, and we all know what happens when a lot of people start mining for the same Pot.

The share of each Miner decreases significantly.

After the Mining Share decreased we saw an outflux of Miners and a loss of interest in the game itself but I was just Mining casually and accumulating Trillium every single day. But that all stopped from yesterday as I am unable to log in or even get to the login page of Alien worlds. I don't know what they did but it is not working on my Chrome Browser at all.


After a little poking around I found out that Alien Worlds have launched a new interface for Smartphones which make sit easier for things to load on a Smartphone Browser but I feel like they kind of screwed up on some points as when I tried opening it on my Smartphone it did not open there as well.


But it seems now Alien Worlds is not opening in Chrome but when it came to Brave Browser things look different. Right now my Internet is kinda shaky so I don't seem to be able to Log in but it seems I can Log in via Brave Browser and Chrome seems to be gone and I can't log in via Chrome Browser. The devs have told us that the Mining process will be faster and the rewards will be a little higher so I have high hopes for that one. I will make another post tomorrow once my Internet fixes and show what the actual earnings are as of right now. SO if you are interested in Alien Worlds then stay tuned for my next post on this topic.



I am kinda sad that all I see posted these days is nft games. It is like a carrot in front of me what i can't have.

I had some nft on the wax blockchain but selling it seems so difficult so that alone discouraged me from using the chain. I will look at this game again and see how it will be profiting when things are back and running properly. Thanks for the update.

I've never heard of Alien world game but I've heard about the WAX Blockchain. I think I might just go and look into the Alien world game. Because from the review you gave, it looks really cool.

Nice piece buddy

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