Profit by Developing Your Own Trading Style.

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CoinTelegraph used to be my only source of cryptocurrency news for a number of months. Also, CoinTelegraph has this YouTube channel now and I am hooked with one of their content. The episode talks about "Learn How to Develop Your Own Trading Style" and they have Peter Brandt and Joe Saz as resource guests.

I have learned a lot especially in the areas where you need to be passionate. Your passion will keep you going even with hard times. One golden nugget I took is that experience and most of the time it is with the losses that will define your trading style. It goes without saying that losses are inevitable, but as what Peter Brandt says during the episode it is the diligence that is all more important. How did you process the trade is much more important than making money.


He further said that you can even make money with a bad trade or lose money with a good trade. But these are just temporary results, you will eventually lose all your profits if you don't have good diligence or process with it. In the same way, you will eventually earn all the money that you temporarily if you consistently apply good diligence with your trade.

You may get another set of lessons because the guests practically gave us a glimpse of their trading journey. And it is worth watching, I don't know about you but I don't get bored at all, I am even entertained by watching it until the end.

Here's the YouTube video:

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Trendline breaks lower highs /higher lows with price action double tops /bottoms has saved my trading-life

Nice tip, this is a gold nugget. Thanks for sharing.

Wow! I really don't know coin telegraph has such great features you wrote about while using the platform. I guess I may have to start checking the platform out and see if I can also develop my trading style too.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla 💕💖❤️💕💕

Yeah... CoinTelegraph also has YouTube channel that features what's happening in crypto space and of course the influencers of the industry.

Thank you for visiting my post. I appreciate it.

Good subject, interesting, it is always good to educate ourselves on certain topics and more when they are so valuable for our personal and professional growth. Today it's time to look for digital options, the digital era is here to stay and unfortunately for many it's time to adapt to it.

Well said... I agree, to educate ourselves can be our best investment too.

Perhaps I am not that patient when it comes to trading but I have given up on trading a long time ago. I think perhaps it is not just meant for me. I used all the technical tools, indicator, news, graphs and tips but I still loss much more compared to my profit.

I understand that trading is not for everybody but you also have to check deep down inside if this is really your passion.

Skills and opportunities will come along if this really is for you, if not, then there are a lot of good opportunities out there,

Yes you are right

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