How much is your crypto worth in the near future? Price forecast of cryptocurrencies.

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Most of us are into crypto because we are fascinated by what it can do to many industries and at the same time we are interested in how to make money from it. So if you are looking to invest or trade here is helpful information from The Economy Forecast Agency (EFA). This image is from early this year and projected until the year 2033. You may also find that it is quite conservative and bearish when compared to the most forecasters. It is actually good for application as you put buffer to your expectation. Avoiding disappointment is a good strategy to keep at it even during hard times.

Equation of exchange forecast of crypto asset prices.png

You may be asking what is The (EFA)? From their website they have this description for themselves:

The Economy Forecast Agency (EFA) is specialized on long-range financial market forecasts. We use reliable models for long-term forecasting.

Our specialists use mathematical and statistical methods of prediction based on the existing historical data. They take into account the following factors with varying degrees of importance: cyclic recurrence, knowing correlation of market indicators, changes in the availability and attractiveness of the instrument for speculators, electronic and algorithmic trading growth, regulatory intervention degree and frequency of significant events over time.
So whether you are an investor or a trader it is really important for you to know the future price prediction from a reliable source for the cryptocurrency you are involved in. Below is a quick look:

And for more info, you can visit their website . It might be helpful to also check out some of the other price forecasts as well.

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excellent information, did not know of the existence of this organization, It will be very useful for me to be attentive to his predictions. thanks for such valuable information

You're welcome. And thank you too for your visit and nice comment. I am glad you like it.

The 100k point for bitcoin might really be farther than predicted. Btc may finish above 15k this yeah, but the 19k level will be a tough ride...unless tether continues to print stable coins from thin air

Thank you for sharing your prediction and your thoughts about BTC price this year.

I would have liked to see in that table of predictions of crypto currencies to the steem and the SBD that are the tokens that I directly handle, however my greetings and thanks for this information. Greetings

How patiently one should wait till 2025 for Bitcoin and become a millionaire

@arnel we cannot predict the price in future but we can just do a small analysis as per my thinking we will see a huge price increase in both bitcoin and eth currency.

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