The brave diaspora or not?

in Project HOPE6 months ago
The Venezuelan diaspora which is said to be one of the largest in history at least in Latin America, perhaps some will disagree with me, but this phenomenon has given firmness to the Venezuelan political regime, it has strengthened it in power, obviously it is not the responsibility of the brave Venezuelans who decided to leave nor of the also brave Venezuelans who decided to stay, it is simply an evaluation of the phenomenon that I want to share, not only for personal appreciation but after having read many experts on the subject.



The diaspora lightened the burden of the number of people participating in the protests, decreased the number of people consuming electricity which allowed this system not to collapse definitively, also minimized the number of vehicles and thus the expenditure of fuel, increased employment opportunities as many jobs were vacated, also caused the collapse of companies certainly.


This emigration has allowed many economic resources to enter the country, which the government does not generate, it is as if it received international aid, which has also been to its benefit, those who emigrated sustain a large percentage of those who live in the country, often at the expense of their own personal economic deterioration, this has allowed the economic collapse to be amortized.


However, the worst thing for the benefit of the regime has not been what I have narrated above, the worst thing is the family disintegration, which decompresses the families, makes them vulnerable when they are separated, makes them depressed, without strength, with hopelessness and this makes any political regime strong. There are many, I would say thousands of single parents, abandoned houses, unprotected family members, not economically but in terms of affection and companionship, and this grinds the attitude of a population, without neighbors, without friends, without family, with hopelessness and without the necessary optimism to change their future. The drain of Venezuelan brains making great contributions to other countries is a bitter pill to swallow.


The so-called rafters at the time also propped up the government of that island, or why did they allow it, because they knew the subsequent benefits, the same happens in the country, a nation that does not care that its members cross a desert walking, or cross the Rio Bravo with few belongings, or are in a refugee camp with vicissitudes, it will be because it is convenient, the less people the better, and if those people who remain are depressed easier, it is more comfortable to establish what they want. Even with this, I hope one day we will meet again, the brave ones from there and the brave ones from here.

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