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After this global pandemic, professions and the way of working have undergone a radical change, as has industry, commerce and labor relations. There is talk that in the not too distant future all professions will have to be resized, we have witnessed online medical consultations, courses of any kind through distance communication platforms, all classes in the world for any profession were conducted via the web, so health and teaching were the first to be resized today, and others will follow, and marketing will not escape as one of the jobs with a great future.



Graduates in health areas in the post covid stage will be required to know more about data science, which is to be dedicated to consult different sources of information to perform an analysis that allows useful conclusions in the research of the human genome. They should also have knowledge about the ethics of artificial intelligence for personalized medicine and robotics practice for surgical assistance, requirements that seem exaggerated nowadays, however these disciplines have constituted in the days of quarantine significant changes to sustain and promote the life of many human beings on the planet.


In terms of teaching, the demand for teachers with expertise in educational innovation, personalized education and technological areas such as 3D printing, big data and cross-cutting skills will undoubtedly increase, and it has been shown that teachers who had these skills prior to the pandemic have optimized their classes and their students have obtained higher performance. Emotion should not be separated from the student-teacher relationship, and for this to happen through a screen, you need people who are both highly trained and sensitized.



Regarding the marketing world we can mention that they will have an excellent professional future after the pandemic; digital marketing manager; dedicated to the management, definition and supervision of the marketing strategy, the famous Community Managers, a fundamental part in the digital world, since they are dedicated to listen and respond to conversations on behalf of a brand through social networks, the Seo Content Manager, among others as well as content generators for brands, in a fully digitized and interconnected business world the professions and positions related to marketing will have a boom that is already beginning to be felt.


On the other hand, all those professionals who evaluate and care for the health of the planet will also be very necessary, in this pandemic humanity has also witnessed how the earth speaks, as it is no longer only the communities of green volunteers who raise their protests and raise their reports, it is the atmospheric reaction, it is the animals that are making themselves felt, no doubt man will turn his gaze because we cannot stay without a planet, and will rely on professions that can contribute to the environment and its care.

Reading this work I am more convinced that there is no need for other types of professions, we need professions adapted to the new situation, to the globalization that this pandemic has forced us to stay at home and carry out everything we need within it.
So I believe that all professionals should adapt to this.
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Certainly the world needs new professions and professionals more committed to social change and more empathetic to the humanity in which they practice, thank you.

Hello @aplausos
The pandemic changed everything, and of course technology got more into everything. Every career or profession that was already learned, studied, should not only be updated, but new information about technology should be incorporated, because no doubt that whoever does not do it, will be left behind in professional practice.

Thank you for your accurate comment, along with the emergence of new professions and technological advances the orientation of professional objectives in any area we also learned must be directed to the common good, to the community and solidarity empathy as a sense of the new era we face, thank you, my respect and greetings.

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There are many professions necessary to be active in the midst of this pandemic, and this publication undoubtedly names the most important ones, without underestimating others that are also important in some way.

Thank you, if it would be too long I named the main ones and from these many others are derived, thank you for commenting, much success.

Dear @aplausos, this is the reason why it is advisable for us to regularly improve on our choose skill. Things are changing really fast and those who are not innovative with their skills will definitely be left behind.

You are very right to stay informed, to go according to a critical but resolute attitude of the different scenarios will make us human beings not only in the professional field but in everyday life more aware and supportive, thanks for reading much success.

What I think the post professional need is enlightenment on how to go about it, that all.

No doubt and the clarification should include learning, the jobs are constantly changing, it is necessary that in them is placed perosnas willing to learn and adapt to change, thank you very much for commenting success.

In india we have huge vaccine for doctors and nurses apart from that we need more delivery boys.

As this pandemic has teach us a good lesson. As per my thinking their is demand for each and every profession nowdays as because of 2 years gap of low work.