CBDC ....Centralized Initiatives


A new digital stage is developed on the table; after the announcement of the digital yuan, we see an interesting technological movement in the geographical panorama. Many countries begin to explore the construction of a cetralized currency, in coordination and regulation with various institutions; We see countries like Thailand, Sweden, France, Italy, Singapore, even the ECB is interested in evaluating the options and the advantages that this means for internal ecosystems and why not, its expansion and acceptance to other countries in the formation of a network of native exchanges of the areas.

However, there are many doubts that generate the introduction of these digital tokens with governmental force within the community and needless to say that there are several reasons for their existence and to which they respond. We can read that all hide in substantial improvement in financial operations, but in itself points beyond this.

The political burden of these tokens becomes evident when the privacy of individual rights coupled with the needs of government oversight are associated. In the words of Christopher Giancarlo, director of the Digital Dollar Project, "balancing privacy should be a design imperative for any digitized fiat currency."

I think that with the proliferation of this particularity of tokens they will represent one more challenging step for bitcoin and will further strengthen its use; its reputation remains unique and the price of decentralization is worth a lot right now in digital control.

Although CBDC's came to compete, there is still a long way to go to build trust, it is not imposed, it is earned and part of Bitcoin's trajectory is a product of its concept, its individuality, its independence and its limited production. There is no other way than that of coexistence between our queen currency and the diversity of protocols that are imposed on people.

In the future, we will see the struggle between legally charged digital currencies, blockchain-based currencies, and digital currencies from trusted institutions. There is nothing left to do but follow the path of independence, much can be said about centralization or not, about the true objective of these CBDCs, but what is clear is that the changes have already begun and it is time to adapt or stay.


I have always said that decentralisation only exist in the technology behind blockchain. When it comes to politics and governance, a lot of things will change

I'm actually just hearing about the CDBC though and it's really interesting how blockchain technology seems to be taking over the world. Let's just hope the project will turn out to be really amazing with the features you've listed about it.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead

Thank you very much, your comments are very encouraging; This issue of centralization and decentralization is one of those issues that generate discussion and are one of the points that we should know well, this technology, now with government intervention, is what is coming now.