How Technology Contributed for Impressive revenue during Covid

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The world has been going through a tough time because of the covid pandemic and it has affected us badly in many areas. Most of us are affected directly or indirectly in financial health and it has even lead to employment reduction. Its been almost one and half years and still, there is no certainty of the end of this problem but it seems like this problem has brought an opportunity for tech companies. We will agree that during this pandemic and in the last 1 year period technology has grown significantly. Its because a lot of things are have moved to digital platforms that resulted in increased demand for electronic devices and gadgets etc.



Schools adopted online learning that's why the demand for laptops/tablets or smartphones has increased. There is no other wy than buying a phone or tables if one needs to attend online classes and even more, people have purchased a high-speed smartphone since the use of the internet has also increased.

Apple's profits nearly doubled to $21.7bn (£15.6bn) in the three months to 30 June as customers bought pricier 5G iPhones. Microsoft saw a $16.5bn profit at the same time - up 47% year-on-year, due to demand for cloud services and games.
Analysts warned that the figures may lead to calls for tech company curbs. Google's parent company, Alphabet, also reported on Tuesday that quarterly sales and profits had surged to record highs.

Even in my office earlier 1 pc was shared by 2 employees through different shifts but now its not possible since all of them are working from home and each employee has got a dedicated desktop at home. This is convenient for employees but an increased costing for companies to buy more systems and that is something that helped these big tech giants to gain more revenue.



There is no digital or virtual if we don't have smart devices or pc so directly or indirectly its revenue generation for tech companies and this increased revenue and profit are clearly showing this. Technology is evolving and expanding its reach and its good since it helps us have a better life that can get things done in less time and is cost-effective as well so there is no hard in adopting the new culture. Not for everyone but these companies can certainly say that this is an opportunity for them to get more users and growing revenue.

I myself upgraded my phone since having the latest phone that supports high-speed net access makes things better and I can many activities of my work on the go.

What about you! How this pandemic made you buy something to have better access to technology?

Thank you so much.


Hello @alokkumar121!
Definitely that the pandemic brought us closer to technology and quickly. In my case, my job required at least one piece of technological equipment to teach my classes at a distance. As a government initiative, last year we were provided with a tablet to teach classes, however, given the economic conditions it is difficult to acquire this equipment and have good Internet service. Greetings!

Greetings friend. Technology will continue to be a fundamental pillar for the future, which can also be applied to this economic crisis which we are all going through, the Covid apart from affecting us in all areas has also given us opportunities to learn to be entrepreneurs and not depend on a boss, that we realize the capabilities we have. Thank you for sharing your article.

 2 years ago 

Somehow because of the effects of covid it has also created many opportunities in many areas, but especially in the technological field.
Companies and even new entrepreneurs have taken advantage of these technological opportunities to keep their businesses afloat in the midst of everything that is happening with this man-made virus.

I believe that in the near future technology will continue to be a fundamental piece to alleviate the economic crisis that may cause such pandemics in the future.

Greetings and thank you for your contribution.

Technology helps in attracting new customer in online sales during covid lockdown. Those business who have Website and online delivery they have gain huge customer base and their sales also increase which help in this covid-19 less affecting their business.

Hello @alokkumar121
I didn't particularly have the need to buy any equipment, but I agree with you that the pandemic made companies and people do it.
Best regards.

Its true that one cannot do without a phone or laptop today, I even have two phones and laptop because of my work responsibilities. But I feel its robbing our social life, or what do you say.

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