Book by Dale Carnegie - How to win friends and influence people- Talk About Your own Mistakes First

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Hello Everyone

Last week I had published a post about one of the topics from the book by Dale and it was about to get cooperation from people what we should do to make it happen.



I am back to Book reading mode and it is so much fun because whatever I read I do it with full concentration and this way I thoroughly enjoy reading. These days I this reading a book by Dale Carnegie and its book title is "How to win friends and influence people"


Last week I shared one post and that topic was very good. Now here in this post, I am back again to talk about another topic out of this wonderful book by Dale Carnegie.

Huge thanks to @crypto.piotr for this great initiative and allowing reading this book and learning to get something useful out of the book. I also like to thanks @juanmolina for suggesting a wonderful world of knowledge. This book has a lot to read and this is something that we should read with full concentration so that these topics we understand better and implement in our life.



It isn’t nearly so difficult to listen to a recital of your faults if the person criticizing begins by humbly admitting that he, too, is far from impeccable.

It is not at all easy to talk about our own mistakes and it needs the courage to do this. Its quite common that people try to hide their mistakes while they try to talk more about other's mistakes which I think is not the right way. I don't think that there is anything wrong if we talk about our mistakes and also try to figure out the reason behind this.

As a person, if we can commit the mistake then certainly we can accept it without thinking much. There is nothing wrong if we accept and it also shows the kind gesture to other people. If we first pick ou own mistake then we can talk about the other's as well and figure out the ways to improve it.

In this entire chapter author, Dale has nicely talked about this topic. he insisted to talk about our own mistakes first before criticizing the other person. talking about someone's mistake is so easy but in no way it can help us to improve or learn from it. I think mistakes are the opportunities to learn and improve ourselves and instead of getting away, we should try to talk about it.


I like the thought that Dale Carnegie has shared in the book about this topic and I think people should follow it. There is no point if we spend our time and energy to criticize others and this way we are not getting anything in return. The best practice is to talk about self and improve on the area that can help us to be better people.

There is a lot to read in the book but I am moving slowly and taking one week to finish one chapter. This topic is covered in 4 pages and I could finish in less time as compared to the last one. This is one of the best-selling books by Dale and even after 70 years, it has a huge audience who likes his thoughts and experiences even now

I will start reading another topic and will share it in my next post.

Thank you so much for your time.


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Dear @alokkumar121

Another great read buddy.

It's surely isn't easy to talk about our own mistakes. Simply because it would require acknowledging and admiting to making mistakes in the fist place. Which seem to be a challenge for most human population - somehow we tend to reject idea that we may be mistaken and that our actions could be wrong.

Which I found strange, especially knowing that most people will appreciate and respect us better - if they will see that we're capable of seeing our mistakes and admiting to making them.

In this entire chapter author, Dale has nicely talked about this topic. he insisted to talk about our own mistakes first before criticizing the other person.

Author also underlined at the very early chapters, that criticizing and condemning others usually doens't help us get anywhere.

Yours, Piotr

It's surely isn't easy to talk about our own mistakes. Simply because it would require acknowledging and admiting to making mistakes in the fist place

this is really not easy but if we do then its a good thing.

Glad that you liked it and yes if we follow sich things in life then we will not just be better as a person but also people will like it. Author Dale has talked about things that are so practical in life.

Thanks @crypto.piotr for sharing your thoughts.

Very essential trait you have pointed out, the truth is I always like to talk about my mistakes because it helps me feel better and watching others learn from the mistake I made will always help me feel stronger.

Good to know that you liked it and what you said is absolutely correct. Thank you.

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excellent book, and talk about our mistakes makes us see and explore other options, and this helps us grow, learn from new experiences and find new ways of doing things.

I agree that this book is so nice and talking about our mistakes proves that we are growing. Thanks for the nice comments.

good article, that's right when we criticize someone that criticism soon turns against us because it hurts people's pride

I agree. Glad you liked it. Thanks

Practicalizing this method of being able to talk about our mistakes is going to help us gain friends indeed it is one method I have tried and has worked for me.

Thats great as you applied in life and found the difference. Thanks for adding your valuable words.