Bitbns Exchange Launched Hardware Cold Wallet

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The safety of funds is always important and we try all the possible ways to secure it. Nowadays we use hi-tech lockers to keep our fiat money and also important things to safeguard. In the same way, keeping our digital holding that we crypto must be kept secure as well. Many of us keep our coins in an exchange wallet but there is always a risk of hacking. Although there are many exchanges that are reliable and they keep the holding insured so if there is anything wrong then they will be able to compensate for the loss.

A hardware wallet is the safest way to keep our holdings secure and so far I have never heard any case where anyone has lost funds from the hardware wallet. Obviously, it is important to keep the key in a secured place so that you can access it whenever you want. As of now it the safest way to hold our crypto but I think that we should use it if the holding value is quite high. If a person is holding only about $1000 then I don't think that a hardware wallet is needed because there is some cost involved with the transaction while using a hardware wallet.



Bitbns is the first Indian exchange that has launched a hardware wallet. Its a sleek and made in the shape of credit so its very easy to carry. As of now, we get devices that look like a pen drive but its design is quite unique and I never saw any wallet like this before.

A sleek and elegant hardware wallet from Bitbns that fits right in your pocket, where you can store all your major crypto balances. It’s super slim but like a debit card, sturdy and portable enough to be carried in your pocket.



This hardware wallet cost $100 and the only way to buy this through BNS coin. BNS is the native coin of BITBns exchnage and this way they are also trying to increase the demand of their token which I think is a nice move.

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I checked on their website to see if I can but since I don't have enough amount of BNS tokens so I can't buy. I need to buy BNS coins first then only it will allow me to buy the wallet. I will try to buy some BNS later and then will try to buy it again.

Bitbns is one of the leading exchnage in India having a bunch of products and services and this new addition is great for crypto users to have their funds safe. They have not provided more details like what coins it supports and even there is no technical information like ledger do so I hope that may they will provide more information that will help the buyer to make a decision.


It would be interesting to see if bitbns hardware wallet will be able to compete with Ledger wallet. Ledger is a well-known name in this segment and this is a new brand so let's see if it get more attention and makes people's funds safe.

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Hello @alokkumar121
It is very important that Bitbns joins this market hardware wallets that is so hard, hopefully it meets the expectations of users.
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