5G Trial Started in India

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Data is the new oil and this is what we all need in our everyday life to fuel up online things. But we also need the highest speed possible so that things can be done faster and we did not go spend more time performing various tasks. A better date by speed means we can perform various tasks in the shortest time which is a time-saving thing for all of us.



These days we have fiber Internet that Brian is very good at being with you starting from 50 MBPS to 300 MBPS depending upon the plan we are but mobile data has a limitation since India has 4G services available as of now. Before the services here we get on the speed of 10 to 20 MBPS which is not as high as we are getting with the fiber broadband services and availability of fiber is also limited in so many cities. No telecommunication companies have started testing father find your services since they have already got the approval from the govt authorities. Airtel is the first company that has started the 5G trial and JIO has been working as well to create their 5G infrastructure.

Airtel has started testing its 5G network in Gurgaon’s Cyber Hub area. The telco is operating in the middle band spectrum of 3500 Mhz. Airtel is carrying out the trials in compliance with the guidelines of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). The 5G network of Bharti Airtel was able to deliver a throughput of over 1 Gbps speed, according to reports. DoT has allocated spectrum to Airtel in four Indian telecom circles including Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Delhi. The telco is likely to test the mid-spectrum in other regions of the country.


This is indeed a great news that this company had started their trial services in certain places and offering a fantastic speed of 10 times what they were offering for the data services. WIth the 4g services, we get the speed of 10 MBPS and now with 5G up-gradation we can expect the speed of a proxy hundred MBPS produce quite good and it will make the online experience so faster and better.



The pandemic situation has increased the data requirement since so many people have started working from home and it's been a year time for the same situation however there is no certainty that how long it will continue. Looking at the current scenario it seems like work from home is the new normal so it is obvious that we will have more data requirements but of course, high speed will always be the priority since no one likes to wait and there are many applications that require the highest data for better performance.

I use mobile data when there is some problem with my fiber Internet however there are some applications that are used for my office that do not work with mobile data since all these require high-speed data and with mobile internet, I get the speed of approx 10MBPS which is not too high.

I am excited about this announcement and I hope that by this year 5G will be accessible in many cities across India which will make online things easier and better. Not everyone has access to fiber Internet but mobile Internet is very much accessible to the people and they will be able to have a fantastic experience with the 5G rollout and I hope that this will be happening so early this year.

Thank you.


Hi @alokkumar121
That's good news really, the pandemic has increased internet usage in all countries, and being able to have a higher speed has an impact on the time that would be used to do some tasks, we can do them faster.
It is good that 5g is coming to India. Although surely there will be people who do not want anything with it, as in everything, there will always be opposition.

Excellent, great news my friend. Certainly current and upcoming applications need more speed, as well as more powerful devices need a better platform to get more out of them, and with all the people who have found ways to work from home this makes life easier, let's hope it can be accessible to most.

Hi @alokkumar121 it is nice to know that modernity and the 5G network has arrived to the place where you live, when you mention the speeds with which they lock 50 20, 10 MBPS, it surprises me the laggards that we are in rural areas of Venezuela, where a data plan is considered good with a transfer speed of 1 MBPS. Thanks for your contribution

Here in Canada we have already the 5G network, but I have not planned yet to upgrade.

Excellent, I hope to see that soon in my country Venezuela we are still with 4g.

Hi dear friend @alokkumar121

I get the speed of approx 10MBPS which is not too high

I live with 4Mps and with that I think 10 would be a dream and 100 is something simply beyond my imagination, I hope that this technology arrives soon in my country, although I suppose that Elon Musk's internet starlink arrives first than Internet company in my country offers this service


This is a huge news so finally the 5G network is getting started in India already but meanwhile there are places in my country where there is no good 3G network yet, really sad but the reality of things.

it's a wonderful initiative and Inception of New Horizon Initiated by Airtel.

This is very informative, there isn't 5G here yet but it could reach in time . thanks for sharing.

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