Emotions, brain, heart and life ... besides learning

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The customs, habits, conditioning, perspectives of human beings have an impact on the creation of ideas, opinions, thoughts, many of them "limiting" of who we really are.

Even depending on the country and the culture, there are many issues that are seen as weakness, vulnerability, breakdown of a person, one of these issues is precisely "emotions", conceived for many as aspects of the heart above reason.

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Yes Yes, we know that the best known emotions are: happiness, fear, joy and anger, like and dislike, surprise, uncertainty and any of its derivatives.

For this reason, there are people who act or understand situations convinced that emotions are things of the heart, that it is wrong to show affection and from there they show different ways of reacting to certain situations that they live or towards others.

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Wrong or not, this is the truth ...

To people who came to think that affections and emotions are a matter of the heart rather than reason, I tell them that each and every one of them does not come from the organ that we have on the left side of our chest, but from a part of our brain is known as "limbic brain or emotional brain"

The limbic brain is part of a trilogy that was very fashionable called "triune brain", I will explain more about this below.

The brain, associated with the CPU of a computer, is made up of many parts, all necessary, since they perform different functions, we can even find several functionalities in two cerebral hemispheres (the right and the left), in each hemisphere we will find different characteristics that define our personality.

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Different elements of a well-known triad "The triune brain"

The first part that we will mention is the neocortex or neocortex to which all the intellectual and creative functions of the human being are attributed, such as: analysis, logic, creativity, reasoning that are distributed in both cerebral hemispheres.

The second part and located more deeply or internally in the brain, we have the limbic part of the brain that is directly linked to the emotions that we can feel.

The third part in this triad connects us with the mammalian, instinctive and therefore survival side, called reptilian brain.

And the sum of these three parts is called "triune brain". Three different and characteristic parts in one being.

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The brain, our emotions and our life learnings

If we use our emotions as a thermometer of what we feel, we could have a little more awareness not only of our emotions, but also how they influence the physical body.

To make the subtitle clearer, we can give a simple example: in any situation in our life (as a student, as a professional, as a parent, with our partner, among others) when we feel intimidated, nervous, anxious, insecure, our stomach feel, the guts ring, our hands sweat and any understanding, resolution, or learning is blocked by an emotion.

The question to ask yourself is. What do we do in these cases?

The first thing is to identify the emotion: what am I feeling? What is happening to me? What physical effect did what I am feeling have on me?

After identifying what type of emotion and how the body is expressing it, it is important to determine the why of that: why am I feeling this? Why do I feel this way with a certain person or certain situation?

And the next thing is to understand the cause of emotionality, with or without reason you need to identify, dominate and make your emotions work for you and not against you.

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How can I make my emotions work in my favor?

All situations, people, circumstances, events and even thoughts will be charged with an emotion, hence the importance that you can identify them.

Additionally, the knowledge that you can obtain from yourself, both from the functionality of your brain and the why of what you are feeling are crucial to be more assertive in our reactions and resolutions.

Always keep in mind, when you decide to learn or live new things, that emotions are generated by your limbic brain and therefore must be the best to be able to obtain the knowledge you are looking for.

Likewise, remember that in the different processes of life you will not be alone, on the contrary you will have to deal with many people, so do not be discouraged if you discover that their emotions are not the most correct, at the end of the day when you wants to learn something intention, perseverance and willpower are key tools to achieve it.

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Hi @alanasteemit
I thoroughly enjoyed this post, my triune brain has moved in a big way 😀😀.
These topics are usually complicated to understand, but you have brought it up in a very understandable way. Psychology is underpinned by this, it is reality, including our emotions arise from that part of the brain, which ultimately meshes with the rest of the brain as a whole.

My dear friend, even over the years I have understood that psychology reaches a certain part of the way and that is where the holistic and spiritual world enters, I recently received a class on the triad of our master glands and their relationship with the spirit that happily graced me.

Certainly emotions are very important in our lives, they reflect our inner world, what we feel is a sign of how we live and how we handle what happens around us. Interpreting them properly allows us to understand how they manifest themselves in our organism and how they influence our behavior, which helps us to know ourselves better.

You have perfectly summarized my reflection in this post, absolutely in accordance with what you say

Hi buddies.
Acting is a total physical, emotional sensation. But, life is so confusing, what we want we don’t get, what we get we are not satisfied with, what we expect never happens & what we hate generally repeats..

It is thus, precisely those reflections that you share with me have been my motivation to find answers and what I have learned after teaching from very prepared people is that this happens because we are incoherent, disconnected beings, we do not know how to deal with our personality, our ego and our soul that may want totally different things. Only with introspection and self-knowledge can we discover ourselves and get the answers to each of these reflections.

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