Variables or approaches to tax research or studies

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Tax planning makes it possible to understand the organization's plan and the procedures adopted by the company to safeguard its assets.

Source ( ciat )

Verifying the tax and financial information, bearing in mind that a good planning and verification is one that is constantly being evaluated.

Under the methodological approach, the tax study is justified because it will allow to know critical aspects related to tax planning and compliance with tax obligations regarding income tax focused on the APA standards.

Finally, under the tax approach, the study is justified because it promotes tax culture by encouraging the possibility of having the tax forecast and compliance with tax payments and duties, avoiding fines and penalties.

Source ( ciat )

This with the purpose of guaranteeing the organization the fulfillment of obligations, the reduction of financial and operational risks that may arise due to fines and penalties for non-compliance with tax obligations as taxpayers.

Transformational leadership and contextual performance
are the main factors that most influence organizational culture.

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If only the Nigeria government can really make proper use of our tax, it will have improved the nation generally

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