Tax obligations as taxpayers to strengthen financial management

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At the time of filing the Income Tax return, characteristics such as the due date for the definitive return must be taken into account.

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In addition, the value of the tax unit to be registered will also be taken into account, the filing of the tax return is made through the competent agencies and the payment of the tax in the banks to make the return effective.

From a practical point of view, tax planning is a management tool for the management, the use of which allows to evaluate options, obtain benefits and advantages granted by the laws related to each tax, within the framework that the law of each tax allows. Tax planning includes the structure of the company's tax costs, the opportunity to create new businesses or branches and the initiation or opening of businesses in other countries.

Similarly, under the organizational approach, the research is relevant because it allows detecting critical aspects in relation to compliance with the formal duties regarding income tax in order to generate possible solutions to strengthen both financial and tax management.

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This with the purpose of guaranteeing the organization the fulfillment of obligations, the reduction of financial and operational risks that may arise due to fines and penalties for non-compliance with tax obligations as taxpayers.

Transformational leadership and contextual performance
are the main factors that most influence organizational culture.

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