Financial Education - Tax planning and the advantages it offers with due compliance with income tax cancellation

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The interest of developing this research is to provide knowledge and create culture within the company Inversiones, about tax planning and the advantages it offers with due compliance with the cancellation of income tax.

Source ( ssir )

In the same are treated little known aspects which are intended to be achieved through the objectives and strategies that addresses tax planning, since many companies as is the case of the company under study that lack the knowledge in tax planning.

This generates the application of fines and penalties by the entity in charge of tax matters, a professional tax advice can help the company to achieve considerable benefits because nothing benefits companies more than the knowledge of the law.

With the application of tax planning, compliance with the ISLR tax obligations is guaranteed in the company Inversiones, or at least the possibility of making the necessary corrective measures to reduce the risk of irregularities and errors that result in fines, penalties or temporary closures established in the regulations, hence the relevance of the application of the same.

Source ( theinvestorsbook )

From a theoretical point of view, the tax system of any country has the particularity and the obligation to meet public needs in order to generate collective benefit.

Transformational leadership and contextual performance
are the main factors that most influence organizational culture.

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Intriguing exploration of tax planning's crucial role in business strategy and compliance, highlighting its impact on company culture and success.

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