Financial Education - Tax burden of any company and investment companies

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Since income tax is the one that supports the results of the fiscal year, it is the one that has the greatest significance on the tax burden of any company and specifically of investment companies.

Source ( taxobservatory )

Since in the investment companies it implies a greater disbursement of money, however, at management level they express their concern and worry, due to the circumstances and uncertainty derived from these costs, regarding the control of their present and future operations.

Therefore, they necessarily require administrative tools to ensure and guarantee the good performance of their tax obligations, without the need to generate the distortions that are currently present, or having to resort to financing.

Based on the above considerations, my publications are focused on analyzing tax planning as a tool for compliance with income tax obligations in investment companies.

Source ( marcumllp )

In the line of the previous posts, this one in particular opens the way for content that will be supported by the theoretical bases related to a methodology of quantitative character.

Transformational leadership and contextual performance
are the main factors that most influence organizational culture.

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Es muy interesante tu post. Gracias a el aprendí algo nuevo.

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