Financial Education - Not everything is to manage we must follow planning phases and guidelines

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Continuing with the points on planning, we must develop an outline linked to the phases of planning, and for this I must remind you what I had already mentioned that from a general point of view can be considered that the planning process has several phases that seek to satisfy the entire administrative process.

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With the first point, the planning phase constructs how the work team should satisfy the needs, in the most detailed way as it gives consistency and avoids risks.

We also have the delivery or start-up phase, where every project is destined to be completed within a certain period of time, to prove if it works properly and responds to the specifications of the need. This phase is very important not only because it culminates but also because it is the phase in which difficulties usually arise, causing delays, corrections and unforeseen costs.

It is followed by the execution phase, or better, when a set of tasks and activities that involve the realization of the project in question are deployed. This phase corresponds to the particularities, methods and management of resources in an adequate way to develop it according to the type of project.

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Before these three phases, it is convenient to add two others independently, since they point out a set of activities that are basic for planning, but which we will deal with in more detail in a future publication.

Transformational leadership and contextual performance
are the main factors that most influence organizational culture.

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You have said it all. I think one of the things affecting a whole lot of people financial decision is because they lack financial education and understanding about that which they want to do actually

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