Science and Religion

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Curiosity and eagerness for learning are the fundamental traits of humans. Our inquisitive nature has made it possible for us to invent so many things and without it science and technology could have not developed at all.

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Since the moment we got consciousness, we started asking questions. We have so many questions related to our existence, the cause and aim of our existence and so of the whole universe. When we had no answers, religions came forward and tried to tame our tendency of inquisitiveness. They produced the answers which were right according to them and infallible as well. Those who could not agree with the ideas produced by the religions were heavily prosecuted. Religions were very powerful during the middle ages. They had backing from the governments as well as from the society. That’s why religions could kill great minds and impose their hegemony on people. Scientists and scholars like Bruno, Galileo are the examples who were mercilessly tortured by the religious institutions for denying the dogmas referred by the religious texts.

But, once science started getting its influence, the sand castle made by the religions started crumbling. Now religious people try to explain their religious books according to scientific knowledge and then they falsely claim that some invention or technique was already mentioned in their religious text books. Many credulous people who have never understood what scientific principles are, believe on such false claims and their faith on religion get firmer.

Religious books are written in old languages which are not used in the modern world. Words used in those books have so many meanings, even contrary to each other. They are basically in the form of poems and poems can be explained in as many ways as possible. They have no definite meanings. Most of the religious texts are nonsense stories or guidelines on how to perform rituals etc. How can it be possible that all the knowledge produced by the science can encompass in a single book of a few thousand pages in which most of the texts are just stories? Only a fool can believe on such absurd claims. These so called religious scientific evidences always come forward when science discovers something. Why don’t they reveal the truth before science discovers them? Religions are pretending to be based on science and this is the power and triumph of the science as it has forced the religions to take help from the science. Religions claim to be scientific but, science never claim to be based on religion.

So, it is clear that religions produce false answers and religious people are dogmatic enough to stick to the falsehood. True answers can only be get with the help of science and technology. Religions have become obsolete and they fill our minds with the falsehood and bigotry. That’s why we need to develop scientific temperament and scientific aptitude for the society.

Thank you!

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 6 months ago 

Many times we usually deal with this issue from the point of view of an agnostic, and it creates conflict in many cases, fanaticism often has more power than reason and that is bad, in fact in many cases fanaticism for a religion is often the cause of many wars.

Most of the people think that we're meant for religion. They do not think that religion is only for serving humanity. It is a tool, not humans. This is the cause of the problem.

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