The beauty of the northern lights.

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Happy day to all the friends of Project Hope.

Today I bring you a very interesting topic, that people who have experienced it will know the beautiful feeling of seeing it in person, it is the aurora borealis.


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They are the result of the interaction of charged particles coming from the sun with different gases present in the atmosphere. The shape of the Earth's magnetic field protects us from the arrival of these particles, but makes it possible for them to enter the poles (in physics we say that this is where the field lines meet). That is the reason why it is typical to see auroras in these regions, but not so common in other parts of the planet.

(Curiosity: The Earth's magnetic field does not have a "perfect" shape and it is possible to see auroras in unusual places, although not intensely).


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Seeing the aurora borealis live is one of those things that everyone should do at least once in a lifetime. The sensations you get when watching such an impressive natural spectacle are difficult to describe in words.

If you have ever seen auroras live you will have noticed that in a few minutes they can change from being a faint curtain of grayish light to displaying an agitated dance of green, pink and blue colors. They were produced due to electrical charges concentrated in the polar regions. He thought that these charges were accumulating and increasing their energy until they were released with force in the air, causing this moving light.

These beauties date back to 2600 BC. Since then, there have been mentions of the aurora borealis in a multitude of writings: from the texts of the Vikings to the Old Testament of the Bible.


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Then, over the centuries, Galileo Galilei finally gave it its present name. The term "aurora borealis", or "northern dawn", pays homage to "Aurora", the Roman goddess of the mornings, and to Boreas, the Greek name for the strong wind.
A super interesting fact and in my opinion, something necessary that every astronomy lover needs to know. I hope to open the curiosity of many and delve deeper into this spectacular phenomenon.


Woow 😍❤️one of the regular miracles of our planet, I wish I could see one face to face, it is one of my objectives throughout everyday life, I keep thinking about whether it is over the top expensive to go from a country to c one of these

Of the perfect and beautiful natural phenomena, drowned by the hand of God, excellent explanation, grateful for your post, I have always wanted to experience this phenomenon.

Hi @ajfernandez.

It must be something spectacular to be able to see and be present when this beautiful phenomenon of the aurora borealis occurs.

Greetings friend and thanks for your contribution.

hello @ajfernandez,
one of the natural wonders of our planet, I wish I could see one in person, it is one of my goals in life, I wonder if it is very expensive to travel from a Latin country to one of these countries where you can observe these wonders of nature that would certainly be a good story to tell the grandchildren.

Hello @ajfernanfez
This phenomenon you are talking about still has no exact scientific explanation, it is impressive to see these natural spectacles, it is something magical, for many unexplainable.
I think there are many things we should know, this is one of those things. Or may be missing in our lives.

Hello friend @yonglerosales.

Totally agree with you, our nature share us excellent and beautiful phenomena such as the aurora borealis and which we have learned a lot, especially because our central star the Sun has influence and such creation.
Thank you friend for sharing such important content, I really enjoyed reading it, many successes. Best regards.

Greetings @ ajfernandez. No doubt that natural phenomenon as aurora borealis would be wonderful for the life of the human being to be able to appreciate it. I have not had the joy of doing it, but I have been able to see another natural phenomenon as the Catatumbo Lightning that is located on the mouth of the Catatumbo River, in the Southeast of Lake Maracaibo (Edo. Zulia, Venezuela) Region proclaimed by the "World Capital of Lightning" and holds the Guinness Record.
Thank you very much for your publication

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