The physiological idea behind tipping

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You walk into a grocery store and this very nice attendant with a radiant smile has just made your day by making you smile, you cannot explain how frustrated your day had been until you walked into the grocery store and the beautiful lady attended to you as if you owned the entire store but you only had the exact amount to pay for what you bought and you really wanted to tip her what should you do at that point? Keep reading……………..

Funny enough tips are regarded as insult in some part of the world, so when you go to some part of the country and you want to tip the pretty sales agent she takes it as an insult to her personality, but in most countries tips are a way of showing appreciation or that you are pleased with the service rendered.


How tipping Started.

The whole idea of tipping has been existing for a very long time, it started when masters wanted to show appreciation to their servants for a job well carried out, and when a tip is given to one servant it makes the other servant want to do more by giving extra effort as this may prompt their master to give him some tip as well, some business organizations totally banned the idea of tip in some countries because they felt it was a way of bribing their staff and it was not acceptable to them, this reduced the people that were tipping workers at that time.

The Idea of tips came back into the picture.

After the fight for freedom, some blacks were allowed to pick up other vocations but they were not being paid and the only way they earned was by the tips given to them by customers, they will work for very long hours and just have to wait for customers to tip them (I am certain everyone will want to put up their best character then). There was another riot which gave rise to payment to black workers but this was barely enough to see them through every day, so they depended majorly on tips.

As much as this practice of tips is still very much around today, it has been recorded to be a means for harassment. Economist argue that tipping has contributed highly to racial issues and worker poverty in the United State, despite these problems, tipping still remains a valuable option in United States and it is even seen as a norm that when you pay with your credit card, the next thing that pops up on the screen is the tipping option.

Now you so much like the service of the sales agent but you do not have much at the moment and when you do not tip, it is interpreted to mean the sales agent offered a bad service, this is the psychological effect that tipping has added to buyers, what will you do if you find yourself in this scenario: Will you just use your credit card because you want to show how much you appreciate the service of the customer agent or will you rather use the tipping option and risk the company thinking the sales agent is not good with service?

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@tipu curate

It is cool to accumulate tips when you can receive them!

That is a great point, thanks for reading.

@ajewa tipping is one of the most best part we have designed, this not only helps us increase our goodwill and karma but also give some help to the person also. So always try to give a small tip to the person so that next time he will be at your service very fast.

Alright great point, thanks for reading.

Tipping is a cool idea in my country but it depends on the location though, I don't get tips in my store because it is not a location where people want to spend but I really like the idea very much, when I go out with friends we tip good sales representatives.

Sorry to hear that but it is great to know that you tip others when you can.

Here in Latin America we used to tip but mostly in restaurants, I did it mostly when I lived in Venezuela and of course when conditions were better. The guys who helped you in the supermarket could also be helped with tips, otherwise it was rare. But it felt good.

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