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By creating a new sea, Africa could be divided in half, giving landlocked nations like Zambia and Uganda the opportunity to have their own shores from now on.


Experts believe that very soon, another ocean could part Africa down the center. Another waterway might be built someday as a result of the division of two important parts of the mainland. Many years from now, landlocked nations like Zambia and Uganda might have their own coastlines.

The development of the East African Break, a mile-long break in the Ethiopian desert, set the stage for the creation of a new ocean. Seismological data demonstrated in the friend-surveyed journal Geophysical Exploration Letters that the arrangement of the crack was caused by structural cycles like those at the sea's bottom. It was thought that three structural plates that had been moving apart for some time were coming together at the break: Africa's Middle Eastern, Somali, and Nubian populations.

The Bedouin plate has been making some separation from Africa at a speed of one inch every year, according to GPS following, showing that land improvements between these underlying plates have been continually occurring at different rates. GPS estimates continue to rise.

A second sea will be created by the Red Ocean and the Bay of Aden, submerging the A remote area district as well as the East African Fracture Valley.

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Hi @adityajainxds If things happen as you propose, within a million years a brand new ocean will emerge that will be connected to the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, between Yemen and Somalia. Good post, the landscape seems beautiful to me even though it is so arid

Heres a free vote on behalf of @se-witness.

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