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I have studied and learned from many self-made millionaires and I want to share the knowledge that I have learned from them to help you along you way to financial success! Not only will these things help you financially but many of them will help you greatly in life overall. Remember though that in life we are all connected through a greater power than ourselves, and because of this to treat everyone the way you would want to be treated! With that being said, let's jump right in!

#1 Rule & Habit to becoming a Self-Made Millionaire is Consistency and Hard Work!

Putting in consistent hard-work, day-in, and day-out, is the truest way to becoming a self-made millionaire.

The research shows it takes time. There are a few who may be able to get rich quick. But for most of us, it takes quite a few years. Like I am saying, consistent hard work will pay off in becoming a self-made millionaire, so keep at it guys!

Here is data from Bussiness Insider:

Percentage of self-made millionaires under

40 years old 1%
45 years old 4%
50 years old 20%
55 years old 48%
60 years old 79%

Next, You Want to Have a Vision and Set Goals that You Achieve.

Next on our path to becoming a self-made millionaire, you will want to be consistently making a plan with goals that you achieve. Having smaller goals that you can consistently achieve will help to keep you motivated and on track! Again the hardest part is staying consistent, and this is a great way to make sure you do so! Also in this, you want to have an overall vision that will help to inspire you and keep you going as well. Having grand visions are also very important as you want to strive for greatness and constantly be working towards to final vision or visions!

Along your journey to becoming a millionaire, you will encounter many stressful scenarios and you also put yourself under constant stresses from your business. A key thing to do is learn how to handle stress accordingly as you will be encountering it a lot along your journey. This brings us to our next rule…

Next rule is to be able to learn to Handle Stress and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

For me personally, I cannot do anything unless I am feeling good and healthy. This is why I am a huge proponent of sleeping well and eating well. Doing those two things will help to ensure that you stay as healthy as possible. Also, make sure you maintain a level of movement throughout your day. Take breaks from your job, especially if you are working on the computer to take a nice walk and get the blood flowing throughout your body. Again staying healthy is vital to becoming successful!

One of the biggest things that everyone should do, but especially if you want to be a Self-Made Millionaire is to always be Learning and Stay Ahead of the Competition. Also In This You Want to Have a Mentor or Be Working/Collabing with The Top People in Your Industry!

This is another vital aspect to staying ahead of the competition while also being at the forefront of new technology and the latest crazes. The willingness to always be learning and not thinking you are always right is vital to not just becoming a self-made millionaire, but also to grow as a human. Constantly growing as a person is fundamental to life as we see in evolution, and the biggest aspect for this in humans is through learning and our brains. So be willing to constantly learn, and do so while staying up on the latest news and tech in your industry, and in general with investing is key to becoming a self-made millionaire.

Finally, The Key to Financial Success and Becoming a Self-Made Millionaire in Today’s World is Through Creating Multiple Streams of Revenue!

With the internet and the ease of investing due to technology in today’s world, it is vital to financial success that you create multiple streams of revenue. It isn’t enough just having a job anymore, and luckily we have been gifted with the internet and technology which makes this so much easier! For me personally, I have found great success online through a few different things. My biggest revenue stream is through websites I create and then do SEO work on them to get a huge amount of free traffic which converts into big revenue. I am planning to do articles on here teaching how I do this exactly. In addition to doing SEO and Web Development, I am going to be investing my Time and Money into building relationships and a following here on STEEM! Then finally I am investing in High Yielding returns. I have seen some amazing results on both’s App with CRO and their Earn program as well as with KuCoin and their Pool-x yield farming pool with ATOM, XTZ, EOS, and More! Both I feel are amazing opportunities that I would highly recommend you check out now!

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Remember these things in your daily life, and start working on building many different revenue streams and if you stay consistent, I am more than confident you will find amazing results!


just have to say, luck is a very big factor when it comes to making that much money, many people who do all you listed above are not millionaires yet, there's a bit of luck to it too.

You are 100% right, and I was supposed to put something about staying consistant will help you make your own luck, which is true, but the key to luck i feel is consistency and timing. If you get lucky on the timing and stay consistent that will bring success. But yes 100% is a huge factor, not just big, but to increase your luck chances I believe consistency is the best way to go about it.

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