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COVID-19 commenced in Uganda in 2020, where people were scared about the virus more especially the grandparents in many areas. They were thinking about death,it took our loved ones there wasn’t any treatment. The onlyway to survive is to cook some lemons mixed with jigear then inorder to be safe.
In Uganda,we had a rock down no movement for our benefit to be safe of which it affected the majority of people in terms of businesses, Education system,transport system etc. This didn’t know the rich and the poor all of us were on the same level, what will differ is, in terms of funds where the rich stocked a lot for their loved ones and the poor it’s only God who can provide.
This pandemic ha not happened today, it happened in some years back when W.John bush was a president in the United States so we’re observing that it has been repeating itself. It often comes after 100years , this wasn’t interesting where many people released that also God exist on earth “He is the Author and Finisher of our Faith “. People come back to God, repented their sins they also wanted to go to church but unfortunately the places of worship were closed.

Only God can save our Ugandans, In Uganda we’re known of not caring at all, our hygiene is not good enough even people out the country they thought Ugandans would be the first people to be destroyed of COVID-19 but has been God since day one as our Motto say “For God And my country “.Marsk on be safe #Ugandans





You are right dear lets keep safe

 last year 

@mirembes yeah its for our own benefit to put on masks .
i love the slogan < Put it for me <
good post

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Thanks @Yohan2on I appreciate sooooooo much.May the good Lord bless you.

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