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Hello Steemians, Hope you're doing well. It has been rainy pretty often in Kampala. The morning and evening rains have been the worst because they make the rush hours worse. A couple of times I have been hit my the rain and many of these incidents have found me with no umbrella to protect my self. I know some of you out there have been facing the same. Some written a piece about the must-have items for the rainy days.

Must-have items this rainy season


August is one of those months with a lot of rain in Kampala. The weather gets really bad that one has to prepare for the rainy days which usually fall at unexpected times. The current patterns have been in the mornings and evenings. Now these are the rush hours of the working classes. Going to work in the mornings and returning from work in the evenings.
Here are few key things to have during rainy days



Umbrellas are designed to protect one from rain or sunshine. An umbrella is very essential when it comes to the rainy seasons. The sizes are the umbrellas depend on the different functions they perform. The large the umbrella the more areas in covers in protecting your from the rain and we should also keep in the mind that the smaller umbrellas also are easy to keep and move around.

Rain coats, Jackets or trench coats


During rainy days, you definitely need one of these; Jacket, rain or trench coat. These will save you from the cold especially for people who get allergies when it gets cold.



One needs to have a pair of boots just for the rainy days. Most of our roads in and out of Kampala are not tarmacked and when it rains they get really muddy and messy. A pair of boots could come in handy especially if you have to walk in the rain to work early in the morning and just moving around and you don’t want to get your feet wet. The boots come in either the casual boots, work works or classy boots.

Portable Vacuum mug


I will recommend you have a vacuum coffee mug. For the 6am – 5pm working class or any other on the road individual, this will come in handy especially if you barely have time at home. You can prepare your coffee and have on while on the go.

Shower caps


This items will have as a hair saver. Several women cherish their hair and rain hitting it would not go well with them. Thus the shower cap would come in handy. Easy to carry in your bag and it to fix.

Weather Forecast access


[Screen Capture from my computer showing the weather forecast of Google]

This might seem unimportant but always have knowledge of your weather changes in your home area. If you have a smart phone or access to the internet sites like Google and Yahoo or other common sites we have weather forecast updates. These will help you plan for the day.
There are more way to be more prepared during the rainy days but I chose a few basic items one must have during these days.

Thank you for reading my article. Hope it will be useful someday


Nice piece. Haha some of us subsitute shower caps with buveera(polythene bags) 😂😂

hahaha as long as the job still gets done 😂😂

I know 😂😂 eeh no shame

You bet! Thanks for the advice.

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