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Hello Steemians,
I hope our Sunday was lovely. I had a very interesting day, I woke up and did one of those things I rarely do but must do otherwise there will be nothing left for me to wear in the wardrobe, that is washing, moping and cleaning.
I had to do this, today as I will be fully occupied next week with tests to do .After washing, we tuned in to attend Sunday service by Phaneroo ministries. After, which, I spent some time with my sisters just conversing about life.

Towards lunch time, I went to our old home to pick some of the books I had left there which would be instrumental in next week’s tests. They were quite a volume, I carried them on my head as I moved towards the stage looking for a boda boda man to take me to my final destination.


I sat on the boda but the Kavera tore to pieces, it was a load! Immediately I sat, in no time I reached. The gateman was kind enough to help me carry them inside. Wow! this was the best act of kindness I saw today. I do not know how I was going to manage carrying those heavy books.

I am glad I reached well, however, there is a current trend of load shedding I am seeing the past few days. Power goes on and off, especially today! I do not know why we should be having these recurring issues yet we have a lot of electricity supply in Uganda.

Any way, I am glad that I have prepared for tomorrow fully, my attire for tomorrow is well ironed, shoes ready, books set for the open book test. Not forgetting, some revision, which I did this evening. I know it is well, he who begun I good work in me shall surely accomplish it to the day of Christ Jesus, as the book of Philippians 1:6 says.

Thank you

 11 months ago 

Yes, some times power can be on and off...

I just wish you well in in your readings

Thanks for the spirit, @vianneyspirit😊

I can see my fellow book lover🤩

🤣🤣, thanks alot dear,

Hehehe, that part is so real and funny! The kavera tearing and all? How we struggle in this life to make ends meet! Believe me, it's not in vain.

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