Community help - logo doesn't upload

Hello there,
I am using Steempeak and love it :) Recently, I created a little community and it was quite messy, as I wasn't able to create the community (never found a button or link to do so) using Steempeak, so I did it on Steemit.

community settings.jpg

But, once the community was ready, it was easier to actually handle it using Steempeak. But, whenever I try to update the logo or banner using Steempeak, I get an error telling me that the transaction cannot be made (after I have added username and password and all that stuff).


I am not sure... is it because the community is new and still has no funds available? Or is there some other reason and an actual error behind this? The pictures are uploaded and available at the server, but I somehow cannot sign the request (even though the password and so is correct). Do you know anything about this?

The community is here:

Thanks a lot and hope to get some help!