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Another day another cool announcement... we're getting people aware of new features before we soon move every tool from to


Visual representation of a connection to a group/theme.
A public decentralized list with actual graphical badges on


We've started a new feature set that we think will

  • Help connect people
  • Help users find content that is interesting to them



  • Badges will show up on your profile page
  • Which badges show up on your profile will eventually be customizable
  • They may even extend to allowing you to share a badge on posts and comments
  • You can mute the badge account to be removed from the badge
  • They are built on top of a Decentralized Public List that any interface can use

see them live on

They have extra utility because clicking on them takes you to other people who post about similar things... thus it's a great tool to help users find content that relates to them.

  • Feed of users who have that badge
  • List of users who have that badge
  • Graphical connection on their profile (then later other places)

Communities on Steem are WHERE you post content related to specific topics... badges help identify and maybe help UNITE even users from varied but similar communities.


Locations, Interests, actual group membership, achievements etc

  • Utah Steemians
  • Photographers of Utah
  • Full time photographers
  • Splinterlands Guilds
  • Baseball fans
  • Tesla Owner
  • Steem developers
  • Witnesses
  • Scuba Certified
  • 2 Years on Steem
  • Youtuber with 10k+ followers
  • Verified Charities
  • Elected politician
  • Twitter user with 5k+ Followers
  • Painter
  • Nascar Fan
  • Bolivian Steem Users


We do not presently have an easy badge creation system for badges.
However it's pretty easy to make one because we use a pretty common and decentralized system for the Public Lists. We are simply using the following list from designated accounts.

For our badge system we will use the following list from accounts
@ badge-000000
"badge-" then 6 numbers. (Find one that is available)


  1. Create an account
  2. Follow all the users you want to give the badge to
  3. Edit name of the account and the description
  4. Badges will display as square... so please upload a SQUARE image for the profile image of the account.



You can create a public list with or without us.
A badge from SteemPeak does much more than give a list of users.
SteemPeak reviews badges and will add them on our end

Presently as we are developing this feature we are willing to do some badges at no cost.

Contact us or write below to tell us the name of your idea.
And we could pre-approve your badge.
Or contact us with the account name and we'll look to see if you've done it ok
See some examples here:


We are one of the top 20 block producers on Steem and help govern present and future changes to the blockchain if you are a fan of that and want to see that continue please help by voting.

@SteemPeak ->
This works for all witnesses btw



My god, could you folks have been in charge of Steemit Inc please? We’d have insane amounts of functionalities if that were the case!

Another day, another fantastic update, keep it up!

@chekohler, looks like they kicked off your badge idea, hoping Splinterlands does the same!

I think some badges for Splinterlands would be sweet, not sure how to integrate it but on peakmonsters you could scan for things like number of gold foils, number of legendaries among other game related things.

For the Steem blockchain, perhaps badges for number of actual posts, number of comments (where I truly shine, comment whoring lol). I’ll see if I can think of some ideas!

We would love to support @splinterlands with several badges for the fun and utility of their users. cc @aggroed @clove71

It just takes someone to be in charge of curating the public list.

That would be awesome, Che made some great suggestions a few months ago.

I think with the gamification of everything on the internet, these badges would be great to have. It gives you something to kind of strive for while you are playing Splinterlands.

Some cool badges I’m thinking of:

DEC collection badge: starting at 1k DEC, then 2. 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1 million DEC would be different badges.

Gold foil collection badge, not sure which but like 1, 5, 10, 15 etc.

Legendary collector same as GF

On a community based badge, for the DIY community that I post in often, it would be kind of cool to have different things depending on how many posts maybe with diy, not sure if the specifics for when but I think it would be cool to start out with small things that increase in size as you advance in the badges. For example the lowest and then ascending would be a nail since they are small and basic, then it would be a screw, a screw driver, a hammer, a handsaw a drill, a saw, a electric saw, a jackhammer, and then the highest would be like a bulldozer or something badass.

The other group that I engage with often is STEM and excel, which may be too niche but for stem it could start out with a math symbol, then pi, then an equation and so on.

I also think it would be great to be able to click on the badge, no matter which one you have (low or high tier of the badge) and it shows you anyone who has at least one of the badges. The communities are great but like you said, it’s hard to know who is in it, badges would potentially organize that really well.

tHAT SOUNDS FREAKING AMAZEBALLS. Sorry, I've had a wine. How can we organise this for Natural Medicine?

Hahah nice, wine is amazeballs! I think it would be doable, you could organize them in a similar fashion to how you have that delegation post where they are in tiers. People with the first post would get the name of the 0-99 delegation and so on. I think it would then move on a 5,10,20,50,100 type of scale.

Whoever runs those would likely want to set up an automated system to FOLLOW the accounts that hit your tiers. Totally doable but i'm guessing they don't want to something like that by hand.

For sure, how would folks automate it? Would they ask you folks do that? Or would they have to know some coding? Just trying to see what’s feasible.

I know someone who has done this (I think), they wrote their own bot which checks SE balances and applies/removes the badge based on holdings.

Very cool man, damn things are moving fast I see communities are live on steemit main site and now this? Hold on to your hats boys and girls this place is one the move

Great idea and glad to hear that this concept is in working. Badges are an awesome concept in any social networking or platform since they encourage more community interactions. As a developer sometimes in platforms that i work or develop we use badges part of Gamification related features.

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Hello, @steempeak! We have a Brazilian community here and love the idea, can we participate?

You would like to make a badge with all brazilians... or all active brazilians? Or one particular to your group.

In any case the answer is yes we'll add the badge if you make it, add users and a nice profile image (which will be your badge)

Let me know if you have any questions... here or on discord.

A badge with all Brazilians, we followed 616 of them and we can follow new accounts, thanks for your attention ;)

@steempeak, This is awesome development team. In my opinion two things are really effective about this Development and those are, **Attraction (Value Addition To User 👤 Interface) and next one is Content Discovery.

Keep up the awesome work team and good wishes from my side. 🙂

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incredible. YES! :) can i suggest you also consider making them into openbadges, that way the next way of creators, makers, bloggers can actually show to future jobs that they earned badges at a certain time -- -- mozilla made a standard for it.

you get like a digital backpack with them in, we could mint NFTs for them too ;) -- either way, badges are rad AF ;)

Thank you, for all your work.

Looks neat. But seems like a way to sneak in more advertisements, too. Hopefully people don't go overboard, like some do with ther post advertisements footers.

Edit: to clarify I'm worried my feed will turn into a disco show of tacky badges and colors. People will be playing pokemom...gotta collect em all

  1. Advertisements?
  2. How do you see people going overboard?
    While it's true a user could be the recipient of many badges but doesn't mean they can display them all on their profile page.
  3. Have you taken the opportunity to look at the badges and see if our implimentation on users profiles is visually pleasing?
  4. Is there a number of badges you think a user should be able to display?

Good questions....

  • Logos and brands are a type of advertisement, especially if the community has user fees or sells stuff. Welcome to the Trump2020 community.
  • People could start going overboard, not sure if you will approve.
  • I've taken a quick look, so far looks good.
  • from 0 to 4
    Glad you are listening to feed back hope others weigh in and opt out is considered.

Public Lists that these are based on are totally decentralized... but it doesn't mean that the badges and the badge page have to be.

A DISCO!!! i'M UP FOR A DISCO! Well, I'd prefer a doof, or a quiet night of tunes and wine, but hey, you get the idea.

I'm a little more awake now and ready for a disco, too... Let's Party!

It's really a great option. I'm in love with steempeak now. ♥

You can add to that list community founders for example.

What list?


Yes is this something you're wanting to run?

To be clear this is what we're presently offering... free badges to users who have cool idea for a badge they want to create

Yeah, I would like to see community leaders with BADGES.

What do you mean by run ? I will kind of put that badge on community leaders I know or you will do that automatically.

Are you talking about the community feature and putting the community founder as information on the community page? We would like to do that.

However this post is about BADGES which are public lists created by users like you... and me (@jarvie)

I'm talking about badges on the accounts of community leaders, so anyone visit their account they will understand that those are community leaders. Then they will find the community created by that leader later.

I don't know where you are adding those badge, only on beta, or on both sites ? I think it will be good if that badge will be on both, I'm not talking only about beta.

I'm a community founder myself and I know a lot of community founders who need some ateention in steem, that's why I worry about this. I think that will improve steem !

I think the idea is that just like we can create our own community; we can create our own badges.
So you could create the
'Leader of community of over 100',
'Leader of community of over 1000' etc

Hello @steempeak
I'd like to apply for the Steem Project (Active) badge for the accounts @co2fund and it's 'parent account' @simplex-world.
@co2fund is the posting account of the CO2 Compensation Project and @simplex-world is the account of the Swiss association that hosts the CO2Fund project. Both accounts operate on Steem as their foundataion.
A general remark: Maybe the term (Active) is not necessary within the badge titel since a project always is active. If it's not active anymore it should not have a Steem Project badge or maybe another badge like Former Steem Project

OK please proceed with making the badge assuming you know how to do it since it's still presently a manual process. We will make a post about how to make a badge very soon.

Oh, I don't wanna make an own badge. I thought @co2fund and @simplex-world could get the always existing red Steem Project (Active) badge. It was already created by @steempeak

id like to make a badge for the ecoTrain community.. a square logo is supplied below. possible?



those would work... do you understand how to manually set up the public list? We don't have an automated system yet. So you have to set up the steem account first.

here is the new account name / link


yes i did some reading.. i think i get it.. i have to make a new account and follow my community basically.. right?

Hey! Is this happening? Ive made the badge account And am ready to go! I’ll follow more people once were all set up.. thanks a lot!

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