Integrating a feature from (STEEM -> HIVE)

in SteemPeak2 years ago

This 3rd party made this feature converting steem to other tokens (and vice versa) here's there announcement

They do swaps between SBD and STEEM
Also the do STEEM to HIVE ... and we thought this was interesting enough to integrate.
The fee is presently 0.7% which includes the 0.2% binance fee. So it's about a .5% fee for your time saving.


Go to your wallet and click on the options for STEEM token.


Just say how much STEEM you want to convert to HIVE.

All steempeak is really doing is adding the correct account in the TO: field and then the right memo and some reminders about the service. You do NOT need steempeak UI to do this but we hope it helps save a bit of time for you.
You're trusting and they have done several other projects that have never disapointed anyone's trust so that's why we integrated them into the UI.



Sweet thats freaking awesome man, making it so much easier :P no more having to make all those sends and trades

Very cool. I'll be using this to extract my remaining Steem. So what will do with all that Steem? Looks like they are selling some.

I can't seem to be able to schedule posts. Any help with that?

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