Photo Filters And Effects Contest || Week 3 Begins

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Hello @bliss11 happy to be participating in this contest you present us. Also thanks to those who also support you in this project @drakernoise who has the difficult task of choosing the winners @nestorgarcia and the sponsor who brings the prizes @brittandjosie a great team.


Image courtesy of the contest

I am also my own judge to select my photos when it is for a contest ha ha ha, for this my first participation, I chose this photo:

Original photo.


It's my first time using that effect or filter thing, there are many things I don't know about my computer, I like it very much, here are the results:

Plasticizing effect.


Edge lighting effect.


Photocopy effect.


Those are all the effects for this opportunity, they are effects that come already in the PowerPoint program, which until today I did not know or had not had the curiosity to see what it was about since there is a tab that says "ARTISTIC EFFECTS".

Now I fell in love with those effects, the photo is of my property, taken with my SONY Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V 18.2 MP Digital Camera

And this is the link that will take you to the original post contest, good luck to everyone.



Wow @zhanavic69, you got me astonished by the effects you applied to your photo... and using PowerPoint!!
Thanks so much for entering the contest, we appreciate it too much!
Good luck.
Hugs over there 🤗
Pd: I need you to choose one out of the 3 edited photos to be in the contest.

Hello, thank you for your support. Where do I leave the photo I select?

You just need to tell us which one here in the comment section.

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Ah okey I get it then I choose this one and good luck to my ha ha ha and everyone...


Amiga que buena presentación y uso de editor!

Gracias amigo cada dia orgullosa de lo que aprendo, espero ver el tuyo...

Amazing use of effect and a pretty flower @zhanavic69. Thank you for entry. 🤗

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Estupendo efecto, me encantó verte participando @zhanavic69

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