My gaming list to pass the Quarantine!!

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Hello to all gamers, today I bring you a small list of free games to pass the quarantine, inside this list there will be shooters, RTS, MOBA, etc...

  1. Apex Legends:
    Apex Legends is a BattleRoyale type game where we will use characters with different skills to defeat our enemies, its game mode is in 3 player squads, who like all BattleRoyale, will have the mission to be the last players standingapexlegends.webp

  2. League of Legends:
    League of Legends (LoL), is perhaps the best known MOBA game in the world, in this game we will meet in 5v5 battles where our mission will be to destroy the enemy NexusLeagueofLegendsdestacada.jpg

  3. Starcraft II:
    Starcraft is one of the most known RTS and a classic of the genre, where we will choose one of the 3 races and we will be able to play through the campaign or in intense multiplayer games, our mission? Kill the Enemy starcraft2freetoplaypcmacos2017.jpg

  4. Counter Strike GO:
    A classic among the classics, one of the most played shooters in the world, where 2 teams of 5 players will put themselves in the shoes of cops and terrorists who will face each other in adrenalinic games with the game mode "Search and Destroy".15537190644260.png

  5. Destiny 2:
    A looter shooter that just last year came out in its free version where we will take the role of a guardian who will have to defend the world from an alien race (the story is much more than that), with a campaign that catches you and co-op and pvp modes is a game to which we can devote many hours without realizing it.hero_desktop_bg.jpg

  6. War Thunder:
    The most famous tank battle simulator, along with the World of tanks, where unlike this, we will also have the opportunity to participate in "Dogfights" for the control of the skies and some impressive naval battles, a game to trymaxresdefault.jpg

  7. World of tanks:
    The same as the previous one but focused only on tank battles, with various game modes and realistic models, is a game that really amuses any casual gamerwotmusiccover1.jpg

  8. Kurtzpel:
    A MMORPG game with anime style graphics that stands out in its battles with jumps, bosses and pvp fights that might be worth trying1765113119_preview_D5ndbg0UEAAbHib.jpg

  9. Albion online:
    A MMORPG where you choose your path, no missions, you can do whatever you want, a game that reminds a lot of Runescape, with an interesting game mode and great clan battles, if you want to know more about this game, you can check my review herealbiononlinevendosilverfastD_NQ_NP_765654MLV31502107384_072019F.jpg

  10. Heroes of the Storm:
    Blizzard's MOBA, which although not a success, is a game worth trying, with its multiple maps, wide variety of characters from the Blizzard world, is a game that can be played in a casual way, easy to understand and managefbshare1fcc54becc.jpg

And well with this we end this list of free games, if you know more do not hesitate to leave it in the comments
Have a nice day!

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