Happy Malaysia Day Painting (Hari Malaysia)

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Hello everyone! Today I want to share a painting that I made recently my beloved country, Malaysia. I wanted to post it for the Malaysia Day. Hari Malaysia (Malaysia Day) falls on the 16th of September which was yesterday. This is the day celebrated to remember the formation of Malaysia which falls on the 16th of September, 1963.

I tried to make this painting in a poster style but it was not easy to fill the entire paper.

Tools and Materials

  • An artblock sheet
  • A HB pencil to draw
  • Buncho oil pastels
  • Staedler Luna colour pencils
  • A small container of water



This is my drawing. I did it using a HB pencil. The most challenging part was drawing the frontliners as I had to allocate the correct amount of space for each of them. The second most challenging part was drawing the star in the Prihatin Malaysia logo. It must have exactly 14 edges and I struggled to get them in good shape while making them exactly 14.


I began colouring with the skin first. The medium I used was oil pastel because I thought that colour pencils may end up looking dull for large areas.


Next, I painted the Malaysia Prihatin logo. I made it in such a way that it looks as if a large hand is holding it. The hand represents all Malaysians as we all unite and work together to fight the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak this year.

I used colour pencils for this part because it is small and requires a lot of precision especially the part of the star with 14 edges. I first dipped the yellow colour in the water and then started to colour. That way, I can get the maximum pay off of colour and it looks vibrant.


Here's a closer look of the logo, Malaysia Prihatin. It is the theme of this year's national day of Malaysia. We didn't even have the annual parade and marching that happens every year, this year due to the global problem of the pandemic.


I painted the sun and the earth using oil pastels.


I also added some of the famous buildings in Malaysia. The buildings I have drawn are the Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur Tower and a random bulding. I wanted to add something from the East Malaysia but it was too challenging to draw the eye-catching Kuching building due to such a small space on the paper. Hence, I chose to just stick with the buildings in the Penninsula Malaysia (West Malaysia).


This is the completed painting. I have added some of the frontliners who risked their lives and worked even for the sake of other Malaysians although most of the commoners stayed home during the Movement Restrictive Order period.

The frontliners that I have included are the police, call-center service staffs, doctors and the delivery service staffs. The houses at the bottom represent the people adhering the laws of staying home and following the SOP when they go out.


Thank you for dropping by and I hope that you have a great day ahead! Stay safe ♥♥♥


Beautiful drawing. Keep it up!

Nice drawing, apple worm.