World in war with invicible enemy!!

in OCD4 years ago


There was one enemy that has make one world in scared right now and it has being call by Covid-19. Yeah, you should being scared of this invicible enemy as it will take your life without any regret.

As being said over and over by the government there was still so many people in this world today who are still not taking this pandemic seriously. Total lockdown has being made almost in all countrys in the world and still people take this lockdown as a jokes that they not taking it as a serious matter. Stay at home and don't go to the public without any reason.


I live in Malaysia and the lockdown has being made in here. The lockdown in my place (Sarawak)are very strict as they will locked you up in the jail if you try to go outside after 7pm. Going outside without any reason will make you in prison for two months. The goverment has take a very strict percaution to control this pendemic.

So to people outside that still take this so litely don't be like Italy. Take care of yourself and be safe.

A life is still a life and seeing something terible like this on Italy make me scared and i pray for Italy people to stay strong and hope the cure will be made asap.


Please help me by vote this post up and any money made by this post will be donated to one that need it in this critical time.


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