Mayor in Italy changes gangster tone to their stubborn residents!

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As we all know the current situasion has become very ulgy in Italy. Italy has the highest record of deaths in Europe and the world after more than 10,022 deaths have been recorded in the country, they have been severely attacked by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Italy is also the second highest country affected by the coronavirus after USA and a curfew has been enforced there. But the directives were not taken seriously by their people and this angered the top government officials.
Click the link to see the video on twitter

This situation clearly reflects the stubborn attitude of some Italians still hanging out. This attitude is also being faced by Malaysians here. The difference is the number gap between us and Italy.

More than 30,893 people have died from COVID-19 worldwide. An estimated 142,445 of the 664,891 people have recovered from the disease worldwide,according in

For more information on COVID-19, click the link below.


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